“I was always sensible, but now I also manage to remain composed”

Anna, 40 years old beneficiary of the psychological counseling and psychotherapy service at the Athens Solidarity Center   She speaks softly; however, the most are expressed through her eyes –her pretty, brown, wet eyes, part of a white face that is composed of elegant female features. What Anna does not say with her voice or […]

Tugba: “I am certain that life will bring good things for me”

Tugba, beneficiary of the Future Interpreters program, SolidarityNow It is a wet September morning in an apartment somewhere in Thessaloniki, and the couple drinks Turkish tea. “A friend from Istanbul brought it for us”, says Tougba nostalgically, a former journalist in Turkey and now an asylum seeker in Greece. Tougba introduces herself. She is a […]

The Nour family!

This solidarity home hosts the Nour family – the father is called Nour, after his mother’s name. Mother and son are now in Athens together, but it’s not just the two of them. Nour has made his own family with Gofran and they have two children; the 3-year-old Mira and Elias, 7 months old, who […]

A Snow White in the center of Athens

The 19-year-old Aya from Syria is white like snow. She has a beautiful pure white face and great eyes. Wafaa, resembles her mother; she is Aya’s three-year-old daughter who has two lovely dark brown eyes. While we were eyeing Aya warily, she was chasing Omar, her two-year-old son. Therefore, we started our conversation with Aya’s […]

The magnificent seven!

It is just seven months old, yet is a hyperactive creature with restless eyes! Our entrance into this solidarity home causes anxiety to this creature that feels uncomfortable and suddenly moves behind the door, just a breath away from the 3-year-old Josephine who knows she will offer protection, if necessary. She changes places at least […]

The four girls of a “solidarity home”

Firas counts his children and presents them one by one. One, two, three, four daughters. The one more beautiful than the other! “I am proud and lucky to have them”. The 40-year-old Firas and his spouse arrived at Greece, having as their first stop the small island of Farmakonisi in Dodecanese. They have suffered a […]

A “solidarity home” that smells mate*, a hot served meal and …love

“I have the most beautiful woman; I know it“, says Rimon. Ariz blushes and looks down. “He loves me“, she says. And so it seems; Rimon and Ariz from Syria – parents of two children, the 7-year-old Lana and the 3-year-old Elias. Their family is hosted in one for the six solidarity homes, in the […]