#followmylife | Zahra’s story

Zahra, the Artisan by Julia Terner, SolidarityNow intern – trainee A woman reclines luxuriously on a bed of pillows, with flowers in her hair. Broad wisps of wind whirl around her and over the blue mountains beyond her. The woman is Layla, the ill-fated lover of Majnun, who together make up one of the most […]

#livingtogether | Maha’s story

“I thought I would never work in my life!” Maha is from Damascus and she is 30 years old, whereas half of her years she is married! Maha and her husband have five beautiful children, two girls and three boys. All of them arrived at Greece, to the island of Leros, in October 2016; few […]

#livingtogether | Mohsan’s story

“I can watch my kids grow up” “My name is Mohsan and I am 42 years old. I came to Greece in December 2016 along with my wife Zouhor and our five children. We have been living in Tilos since January. In Syria, I was in the military.” “In the beginning, it was difficult”, Mohsan […]

#followmylife | TOBA’S STORY

Toba from Herat of Afghanistan, the aubergines and the smell of sanjit   by Julia Turner, SolidarityNow intern – trainee “I’m slicing the aubergine and putting them in the oil; but you must do it fast because if you take it slow it will go brown.”; Toba, a mother of four, is cooking a traditional […]


“The people are with us. I want to stay here in Tilos” “My name is Maysoon Alderi, I’m from Syria and I’m 32 years old. I’ve been at SolidarityNow’s Tilos structure since early September with my husband and five children. In June, I began working at Nikos’ restaurant. I really like working, because I wasn’t […]


Nakam, the artist by Julia Terner and Valia Savvidou Nakam is dressed entirely in blue today, as he is every day. Blue hat, jacket, shirt, jeans and sandals. I ask him why he dresses in blue and the answer is simple: “I like blue”. Nakam is a Kurdish artist and writer sitting under a fig […]


Gol Ahmad, “the Grandad”  by Julia Terner, SolidarityNow intern – trainee Referred to as ‘The Grandad’, Gol Ahmad is the only elderly person living in Elefsina camp. He is staying there with his son and three grandchildren. Often sitting on a bench on the terrace outside the camp building, he is always smiling and ready […]