#iAmStrong | JOHN

“My world would be a better place if I had an identity”  John comes from Syria and has Kurdish origins. When he introduced himself to us, he chose the name John, instead of his real name because he is still scared, causing him to still hide. Even though he is now in Athens, living so […]

#iAmStrong | Pinar

“My dream is to no longer have a headache and to be loved” The dreams of Pinar, the 27-year-old Kurdish man, originally from Syria, sound simple. Pinar is unable to look at us straight in the eye and blushes while he speaks during our interview. He has been in Greece for a while now and […]

#IAMSTRONG | Maya and Batis

Maya and Batis: two best friends Maya and Batis belong in a large group of people that are called “moving populations”. More specifically, the two friends, are members of a subgroup of these moving populations. They are part of the LGBTI subgroup. The key cause of movement for them is mainly fear. That fear however, […]


“Here, I don’t need to apologize to anyone” “The last time I cried was two weeks ago. I listened to Arabic music and I thought of my dead mother. The last time I laughed was … today, yes today!” Our conversation with Hassanin, from Iraq, started sort of like this. Iraq – Turkey – Greece. […]

#iamstrong |THE STORY OF AHMAD

My favorite Greek expression is «se agapo»* says Ahmad Hajj Daoud in broken Greek. Ahmad is 18 years old and he is coming from Syria. The last 3 months he was living in one of the Thessaloniki’s apartments that SolidarityNow provides to LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees. Ahmad found “Safe Refugee”, the specialized assistance program […]

#iAmStrong | Ν.’s story

“I’d rather not reveal my identity,” says N., who sits in a yellow armchair holding his hands tight. N. is quite timid. Although he is 27 years old, he seems much more mature for his age. Displacement and its outcomes make people older, you can see its traces on their faces. N. is coming from […]

#iAmStrong | 6 + 1 Stories of Winning Power and the Sense of belonging

At SolidarityNow we celebrate. Along with Ahmed, N., Hassan and Baref, Maya and Batis, Hasanin, John and Pinar, we celebrate their right to self-determination and social inclusion. Starting from today and till the 9th of June, when the Athens Pride 2018 takes place, through the #iAmStrong series, we unfold the stories of the LGBT refugees […]

#iAmStrong | Hassan and Baref

“We came here, and our lives changed. Do you see the color of my mobile phone screen? It is black… My life was like that before I came here”. Hassan and Baref are a couple and refugees. They have known each other for many years. They have met when they were living in their country […]