INVITATION TO PRESS CONFERENCE: One year after the EU-Turkey Deal for refugees and migrants

INVITATION TO PRESS CONFERENCE: One year after the EU-Turkey Deal for refugees and migrants Athens, March 9, 2017. One year after the EU-Turkey deal, a “non-deal” on which the General Court of the European Union recently ruled that it has no jurisdiction to examine, the status of reception and asylum in the EU borders is […]


More than 30 agencies, organizations, communities, movements and initiatives fighting for the environment, human rights and the elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence, are joining forces under the global initiative Break Free and its activities from 12 to 31 March. The aim of the alliance is to create a common front that will […]

The Blue Refugee Center on the side of refugees and migrants in Thessaloniki

SolidarityNow launches the Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki; this Center will operate as an information and assistance hub for all refugees and migrants, living permanently or residing temporarily, in Northern Greece. The new Center is part of the programs implemented by SolidarityNow in Northern Greece, in response to the urgent needs of the vulnerable populations […]

Safe Refugee: The specialized assistance program of SolidarityNow for LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers

Athens, February 13th, 2017.  SolidarityNow, in order to meet the increased needs and the multiple risks faced by the LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers during their stay in Greece, implements a specialized housing and assistance program entitled Safe Refugee, for the support of this particularly vulnerable population group. Since 2016 until today, SolidarityNow through the […]

Common report to the Greek Ombudsman regarding the discrimination in insurance rights

Solidarity Now, along with Generation 2.0, requests from the Ombudsman to intervene in order to put an end to the unacceptable discrimination against foreign workers legally residing in the country, who pay social security contributions to Greek citizens by enjoying – undoubtedly – significantly less benefits. Text of the petition (GR)

Connecting Blue Dots to support refugee and migrant children

SolidarityNow on the side of the most vulnerable populations through the operation of Care Hubs in Attica, Epirus, and Eastern Macedonia As part of ongoing efforts to protect the most vulnerable refugee and migrant groups, special support centers –known as “Blue Dots”- for children, women and families are being rolled out in more than 10 […]

George Soros, Mastercard to partner to aid migrants, refugees

Billionaire investor George Soros will partner with Mastercard Inc on a venture they said could help migrants, refugees and others struggling within their communities worldwide to improve their economic and social status. The partnership, Humanity Ventures, stems from a pledge Soros made in September to earmark up to $500 million for investments to address challenges […]

The new updated website of SolidarityNow is on “air”!

The SolidarityNow new website is on “air” with updated content for the organization’s activities and work, a modern design, a fresh appearance and mainly a dynamic and user-friendly interface. The renewed website is an effort to reflect in a more complete way the multidimensional work of SolidarityNow for the people who most need our help […]