George Soros: Why I invest 500 million dollars for the refugees

George Soros, the chairman and founder of the Open Society Foundations, today pledged to invest up to $500 million to help to meet the challenges posed by the global crisis of forced migration. Mr. Soros announced the initiative on the morning of the Obama Administration’s “Call to Action,” which has assembled U.S. business leaders at […]

George Soros: Saving Refugees to Save Europe

“The refugee crisis is not the only crisis Europe has to face, but it is the most pressing. And if significant progress could be made on the refugee issue, it would make the other issues – from the continuing Greek debt crisis to the fallout from Brexit to the challenge posed by Russia – easier […]

Following their Footsteps: a joint program from 5 organizations to ensure the basic human rights of unaccompanied minors

The closure of the borders and the Balkan route resulted in several thousands of people being trapped in Greece. Among them, the most vulnerable group: unaccompanied and separated children. Even though they are the most vulnerable, these children often do not receive the protection enshrined in European and international law. In order to safeguard the […]

Mobile Units Program for Refugees in Piraeus from SolidarityNow

Mobile Units Program for Refugees in Piraeus from SolidarityNow With the support of Unicef and in cooperation with EKKA SolidarityNow with the support of UNICEF and the valuable collaboration of the National Centre for Social Solidarity (EKKA), while promoting solidarity in practice and in an effort to provide effective support to refugees and migrants who […]

Press Conference for the Program “Actions for Refugeess in Thessaliniki – Hospitality Services and Support”

The Press Conference for the program “Actions for refugees in Thessaloniki – Hospitality Services and Support,” which is financed entirely by SolidarityNow, was held on Thursday, June 23, 2016. The program aims at addressing in a holistic manner the basic needs (such as housing, nutrition, health coverage and provision of legal aid) of persons in […]

Visit of members of the Social Democratic Party of Germany to the Athens Solidarity Center

The Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow is now attracting international attention, after the recent visit of UN SG. We were happy to welcome Members of Parliament of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), of Bavaria. The Members of Parliament, members of the Committee on Employment, Social Issues and Integration, visited the country in order […]