Honorary award for SolidarityNow

We wish to share with you some good news: #SolidarityNow was awarded for its contribution with the Solidarity Centers! Yesterday, in the Auditorium of the Acropolis Museum, and within the frame of #BravoSustainabilityAwards, we won one of three distinctions in the category «Bravo Society» for the program Solidarity Centers. On behalf of our entire Team, […]

Europe’s Refugee Opportunity

By Emma Bonino, a former Italian minister of foreign affairs, minister of international trade, and EU commissioner, and a founding board member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Εurope’s so-called refugee crisis should never have become an emergency. Accommodating one million asylum-seekers should not be a huge challenge for the European Union – an […]

Refugee crisis: A threat or an opportunity?

by Nicos C . Alivizatos Antigone Lyberaki Christos Rozakis Anna Triantafyllidou* The article was published in Kathimerini on 06/12/2015. There is no point on simply saying “do not let the terrorists get in.” When you turn your back on every refugee, because he/she could be a terrorist, you turn your back on almost 20 million […]

Idomeni: Let’s not, once again, be tragically below par

by Elli Xenou, Director of Programs, SolidarityNow (article published in Huffington Post, Greece, 3.12.2015) Border of Greece – FYROM, Idomeni. Old images come to my mind, trucks with medical supplies crossing the border, army, police and NGOs: the scene of another, previous crisis, the war in Kosovo and former Yugoslavia… I recover the image from […]

Listen to My Story

Photo-journey of “SolidarityNow” for the refugee crisis, through social media Athens, December 3rd 2015. Starting today and for the next two months, “SolidarityNow” -in collaboration with the internationally-renowned photographer George Moutafis-, brings people and their personal stories to the forefront, amidst the refugee crisis. This photographic journey is titled “Listen to My Story” and focuses […]

Turning the Refugee Crisis into an Opportunity? Current Challenges for Greece and Suggestions for Action

Policy Brief by Anna Triandafyllidou Professor, European University Institute, Florence, Italy Member of Board of Directors, Solidarity Now The Refugee Flows: An Apocalyptic Scenario Despite being confronted with a severe economic and social crisis for the past six years, Greece has been faced with exponentially rising flows of asylum seekers and irregular migrants since 2013, and […]

The Slow-Motion Legal Disaster Unfolding within the Refugee Crisis

As refugees continue to be driven out of Syria, a legal crisis is taking shape throughout the region that parallels the humanitarian one. Refugees leaving Syria face a bureaucratic nightmare that isn’t always readily apparent. For instance, when they depart their home countries, many leave behind their IDs, passports, and marriage and birth certificates. Then, […]

Five ways Europe could save refugee lives this winter

MYTILENE, 3 November 2015 (IRIN) – Currently on leave from the UN emergency aid coordination body OCHA, Greek humanitarian worker Fotini Rantsiou has spent the last three months as a volunteer on the island of Lesvos. As the death toll mounts in the Eastern Mediterranean, with stormy seas claiming the lives of at least 70 refugees in the last […]