Mrs Antigone Lyberaki, the new General Manager of SolidarityNow

“I feel responsible to continue and expand the significant humanitarian work achieved by SolidarityNow“ Mrs Antigone Lyberaki assumes responsibility as the new General Manager of SolidarityNow, following a unanimous decision of the organization’s Board of Directors which was held on March 23rd, 2018. Her main objective in this new role is to press ahead and […]

Joint Press Conference: Two years after the EU-Turkey Deal

To mark the occasion of the second anniversary of the EU-Turkey Joint Statement (Deal, in essence), yesterday we held, along with other NGOs, a joint press conference titled: “Two years after the EU-Turkey Deal: a humanitarian tragedy for refugees and asylum seekers”. The press conference was hosted at the Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers […]

Two years after the EU-Turkey Deal: a humanitarian tragedy for refugees and asylum seekers

Athens, 16 March 2018. Two years following the implementation of the EU-Turkey Deal, many refugees and asylum seekers continue to be trapped in the Greek islands, deprived of their basic human rights and access to international protection. On this second anniversary, and whilst legal appeals against the geographical limitation of asylum-seekers to the islands are […]

Access to Justice is an Absolute Human Right for All

3,801 people received legal assistance through the SolidarityNow Solidarity Centers Access to justice, the equality of all before the law, the exercise of the right to court representation and the right to trial are four of the basic human rights* which SolidarityNow defends as self-evident for every person -regardless of nationality, gender, religion, political beliefs. […]


Click to read the announcement in FRENCH Click to read the announcement in ARABIC Are you between 18 to 30 years old? Do you want to make your business dream come true? Are you interested in becoming a freelancer in Greece? You have the will, you have the idea, but you feel that you do […]

Comprehensive service provision through Blue Dot approach in regions of mainland Greece

“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us” *  The Blue Dots is the image of our world, as envisioned by SolidarityNow “For us, every child is unique and special. Each one has its own story, personality and future. If we manage to support them, we are proud of our work. We […]

Greece: Urgent Need to Move Asylum Seekers from Islands

As Winter Begins, Accelerate Transfers, End Containment Policy Athens, December 21, 2017. More than 13,500 asylum seekers remain trapped on the Greek islands in most deplorable conditions as winter begins today, December 21st, SolidarityNow states. Greece, with support from its EU partners, should urgently transfer thousands of asylum seekers to the Greek mainland and provide […]