“A piece of political vandalism the Hungary plan that could shutter the Central European University”

How the international and local press covers the attacks on civil society in the country   The severe attack towards the Civil Society organizations that takes place in Hungary aiming at undermining their credibility, and the parallel effort to limit the operational independence of the educational system, is extensively covered through the mass media in […]

Sign the petition: In solidarity with people in Hungary

SolidarityNow, as one of the dynamic representatives of the European civil society, expresses its support for the Civil Society Europe (CSE) network and its initiative to gather support signatures for the Hungarian NGOs that have recently been targeted by the government given the bill on the “transparency of organizations receiving foreign funds”. At the same […]

George Soros: The ideal enemy

On the occasion of the unilateral war declared by the government of the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban – and former Soros Foundation scholar – towards George Soros, the acclaimed French newspaper Le Monde devotes its central theme to the personality, life and work of the reputable economist and humanist, illuminating the truths and myths […]

Hope found a home and received creativity awards for it!

4 Ermis Awards for the “Home for Hope” awareness campaign of SolidarityNow                                                                           Athens, April 6th, 2017   The awareness campaign implemented by SolidarityNow, with the support of the UNHCR, dedicated to the hosting program entitled “Home for Hope” was honored with four creativity prizes in the Ermis Awards for 2016. This year’s award night […]

SolidarityNow submits petition tο the European Parliament

Imperative the investigation of EU funding for Greece  to manage the refugee crisis  Athens, April 4th, 2017 On Monday, March 13th 2017, SolidarityNow submitted a petition to the European Parliament (Committee on Petitions – PETI) requesting that it investigates the connection between European Union funding in Greece and the dismal reception conditions for individuals seeking […]

“Stranded in Souda, Chios” SolidarityNow records in a 360 video, the struggle of a refugee family for survival in Chios

SolidarityNow utilizes the new technology and process in the production of audiovisual material 360o to record and highlight the negative and often inhumane conditions under which the refugees live; the refugees trapped for months in the reception camps of the Greek islands. The organization’s goal is to high-point the existing major problem and underline the urgent […]

Inferences of the Open Discussion Europe in the Mirror: the French Elections and the “Extreme Right International”

This year Europe is coming face to face with her ghosts. Extreme right forces are seeking a leading role in several countries. The importance of the French election becomes crucial. In this context, SolidarityNow organized yesterday (27.03.2017) the open discussion entitled Europe in the Mirror: the French Elections and the “Extreme Right International”. Six distinguished […]

A Mobile Unit of the Hellenic Red Cross made a stop at the Athens Solidarity Center

Today, March 23rd, 2017, at the Athens Solidarity Center we had a happily different meeting; the President of the Hellenic Red Cross Dr. Antonios Avgerinos launched the action of the Mobile Unit, a total duration of three weeks. The Mobile Unit “Family Ties Rehabilitation» Tracing Bus Van concerns the provision of Family Rehabilitation Services Ties […]