Blue Dots Children and Family Care Centers started in 2016 at Piraeus Port by UNICEF, and Solidarity Now took over 15 months ago to deliver striking results in the holistic support of refugee vulnerable population groups (children, moms and women). Click here to hear the interview of Ms. Antigoni Lyberaki, Gen. Director of Solidarity Now. The bread made by the Yazidis women in Volvi

The journalist Alexia Kalaitzi, visited the refugees structure in Volvi along with Eleni Stamatoukou, the organization’s Press & Event Officer in Thessaloniki, and the photojournalist Giorgos Moutafis, and writes about the special group of Yazidis women. These women are beneficiaries of the Blue Dots Unit operating in the camp of Volvi by SolidarityNow; they have […]


The Checkpoint show by Gianna Papadakou and Alpha TV gives an insight into the refugee issue as experienced in Greece. Most importantly, it also highlights the most successful cases in the co-existence of refugees, immigrants and the local communities. In this regard, SolidarityNow General Director, Ms. Antigone Lyberraki, our social worker Maria Kokkinou, Nour, beneficiary […]

TA NEA: Blue Dots: The dots supporting children and mothers

An extended article dedicated to the completion of the innovative Blue Dots program 1st phase (August 2016 – October 2017) by SolidarityNow and its beyond the initial targets, results. Click for the article  

ATHENS VOICE: To find a job, to claim their lives again!

ATHENS VOICE on the employability service provided pro bono to the beneficiaries of the Solidarity Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki. The effectiveness of the service is presented through the success stories of people who found a job as well as of people who were supported enough to enhance their skills so as to get connected to […]

AL JAZEERA: Refugee crisis- Northern Greece struggles to house new arrivals

SolidarityNow in Al Jazeera with the news story about new homeless refugees in Thessaloniki crossing the Evros border. Mrs. Vasiliki Oikonomou, the organization’s lawyer from the Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki, talks to the journalist Laurence Lee on the issue.

Iefimerida: There are hundreds of unaccompanied minors and women in tents and containers

Once again, # SolidarityNow is in the Moria camp to assess the inhumane living conditions of people living stranded on the island. SolidarityNow’s spokesperson, Eleni Stamatoukou, Press Officer of the North Greece offices, tells Iasonas Pipinis and Iefimerida “We are watching closely the situation since December. There are families here, but most of the people […]

TA NEA: Solidarity was sweet for the confectioner

Αn extended article at NEA newspaper which focus on SN activities related to education and employability and present them through “success stories” of our beneficiaries that found a job with SN’s support! Check the article here