Job Title:  SN Interpreter –   Διερμηνέας

Location: Athens, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Drama, Ioannina

Status: Full Time (morning or evening shift)



  • Mediate with beneficiaries while briefings or sessions are conducted
  • Ensure accurate and precise information is passed to the beneficiaries in an understandable and culturally acceptable way.  
  • Data base and Case related info management
  • Filling and registering all cases and actions to the DataBase upon instructions of the supervisor
  • Maintain hard and electronic files archive updated
  • Perform entries in the data base system as required by the above

Mentioned tasks

  • Other Duties
  • Participate in Field Trips and Assessments as requested and directed by Supervisor
  • Brief and debrief beneficiaries for running programs availability and inform for any relevant change
  • Contribute to the identification of vulnerabilities and facilitate their access to available aid
  • Accompany team members in occasional field visits /FU visits to houses of beneficiaries

Required qualifications and skills


  • Fluent in Arabic or Farsi
  • Previous Experience in Relevant Position
  • Familiar with Refugee and Migration Issues (Asylum processes, Relocation)
  • Cross Cultural Awareness and flexibility
  • Computer literate & numerate
  • Well organized and efficient
  • Good interpersonal & communications skills
  • Fluent in Greek or English


  • Field Working Experience entry points , Camps/Temporary Settlement or mobile units serving refugee population
  • Proven Engagement in Refugee Focused Projects (e.g Assessments, Surveys, Missions in Islands or to the borders).

Interested Candidates shall submit in a single document their Resume/CV with an intro Text (motivation) in English:

Both the Document and the e mail shall have as title the – Job title-Location, followed by their Surname: example….. Interpreter_ Thessaloniki – Mantzouranis