Solidarity Homes

(Ελληνικά) Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

“We really feel at home here. And that gives us strength to try and make it; to find work, to pursuit our dreams, to improve our life. After a long-long time, my family and I close the door and feel safe again”

Nadia, 37 years old,
lives with her family at the Solidarity Homes

Support Families to find a Home

In Greece, tens of hundreds of families live daily under strenuous, often health or even life-threatening conditions. They are all people who either suffered from unemployment and poverty or war, persecutions and violence. All of them have something in common; they were forced to leave their homes.

Help us respond to their urgent need.

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Help us support more Families find a safe Home. A Solidarity Home.

Let’s offer them a Home to Live

Crisis always befalls the weakest, wherever it may outburst. And it always hits people. The economic crisis in our country has created hundreds of thousands of unemployed, many of whom have lost almost everything and live below the poverty line. Thousands of people have been uprooted because of war, persecutions and bloody violence. They have come to our country risking their life and the lives of their loved ones.

Still, amongst forgotten populations to whom SolidarityNow offers constant help and support since 2013, there are thousands of people who have been driven out from their homes. Men, women and children in need requiring our immediate help.

Make a donation to SolidarityNow, before it’s too late for them. Our teams are in the field offering housing, security, access to psychosocial and health services to as many families as possible through the Solidarity Homes program.

In SolidarityNow we are ready to increase our urgent actions on their side. With your own Help and Support. Help Us Multiply the Solidarity Homes.
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*Solidarity Homes is a program implemented by SolidarityNow in collaboration and with the support of the organization Help Refugees. Through the program, which was initiated in June 2017, accommodation is offered to the most vulnerable population groups – Greeks and refugees – on the sole criterion of their urgent need.

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