Tender, for the supply and management of reloadable pre-paid cards. The Contract for this tender will be awarded to the qualified financial service provider bidder whose offer/proposal meets the requirements and is evaluated to offer the best value for the contracted amount.

Tender’s subject: Open tender for the supply and management of reloadable pre-paid cards, as described in Annex A. The proposal shall be for a solution that is easily scalable and can be used for as few as 10 active cards, but also up to a few hundred upon request of the contracting authority. Contracting authority shall be able to load funds ranging from a few thousand per month to a few hundred thousand per month, as per the needs of the program. A notification in advance for significant changes in the scale of the implementation can be included in the proposal.

Contracting authority: The non-profit association under the name “Allileggie- SolidarityNow», Tel: +30 2106772500, fax: +30 210 6772509, email: procurement@solidaritynow.org

Tender’s Type: Open tender; awarded to the candidate that submits the best value for the contracted amount offer

Budget: 150,000 € incl VAT (expected spend – adjustable depending on operational needs)

Tender’s Date: The tender will be held at the Association’s offices, before the Evaluation Committee, located in Pyrri 5, Ampelokipi, Athens, on October 16th 2017, at 12:00 p.m.

Tender’s Participation: Recognized financial service providers, legal entities, with national or international activity in supplying reloadable pre-paid cards and services. Participants can take part only in the entire tender. For participating in the tender participants shall submit:

  1. an official statement declaring that participant and its legal representatives have not been sentenced for the reasons described in art. 73 of Greek Law. 4412/2016, as in force.
  2. papers constituting or evidencing the legal existence of the participant and the representative capacity of one or more persons (statute, registration certificate, tax certificate, social security certificate, etc.)
  3. Vendor Registration Form completed, sealed and signed by the authorized person
  4. Code of Business Conduct sealed and signed by the authorized person
  5. Papers evidencing the technical and financial status of the participant for the last three calendar years

Offers: Offers shall be submitted in closed folders (envelopes) and shall bear the participant’s letter head, clearly identifying participant’s company. The outer envelope shall comprise two closed separate envelopes comprising the following sets of documents:

  • Content of Outer Envelope: the official statement as above, papers of legal existence of participant and representation capacity, vendor registration form and code of business conduct, as well as evidences of technical and financial status, as above.
  • Content of Technical offer: The technical details of the cards and services, as per Annex A requested by the Contracting Authority shall be found in the Technical Offer sub-folder. The technical offer should clearly state whether or not the cards and services participant is offering are fully conforming to the technical specifications given in Annex A. Participant shall clearly state and disclose any discrepancies with the specifications given. The Technical offer shall also clearly indicate the delivery options, the delivery time, and lead time for card activations, card loading, replacement of cards, etc. requested by the Contracting Authority, the possibility to link to a CRM or other similar system for identification and assignment of cards to individuals. NO PRICING INFORMATION SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE TECHNICL OFFER. FAILURE TO COMPLY MEANS DISQUALIFICATION.
  • Content of Financial Offer: The separate sub-folder includes Financial Offer which must contain the full cost (supply and services) for each unit (card), including financial costs for wire transfers, to/from the Financial Service Provider’s account, transaction costs, subscription costs, service fees, commissions, activation costs, replacement costs, card manufacturing costs, etc.). VAT shall be given separately in a different column. The prices should be offered in Euros. The prices offered should remain valid for the whole contracting period.

Contracting Authority’s standards payment terms are within 15 days after satisfactory implementation and receipt of goods and services and standard payment terms are by bank transfer 15 days after acceptance of contractor’s invoice and delivery and acceptance of goods and services. Contracting Authority will not provide any advance payments by letter of credit.

Language syntax participation offer: Greek or English: All documents required to conduct in the tender must be submitted in Greek or English; failing to do so will result in the candidate’s exclusion from the tender.

Validity: The validity of offers may not be less than one hundred eighty (180) calendar days from the day of the tender. The validity of the offer may be extended, upon request from the contracting authority before it expires. By submitting his offer, participant is supposed to have confirmed the acceptance of the tender’s terms and conditions.

Offer Evaluation:

  • Participant evaluation: Participant will be evaluated based on whether he has submitted all documents to be contained in main envelope, as well as the information provided in such documents.
  • Technical evaluation: The technical component will be evaluated based on compliance with the technical specifications, ease of use, speed of delivery, possibility to easily link to a CRM or similar system, and supplementary proposals of services. The technical component will be analyzed only for those suppliers that have passed the participant evaluation.
  • Financial evaluation: The financial component will be analyzed only for those suppliers that have passed the technical evaluation based on the items price containing the total cost without and with VAT.

Reception of offers or proposals: The offers may be submitted or sent by post by October 13, 12:00p.m. to the offices of the Association “Allileggie- SolidarityNow”, Pyrri 5, Ampelokipi, Athens, Postcode 115 27. Any bid received after this date will be rejected. Contracting authority may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of bids, by notifying all prospective bidders simultaneously.

Offer acceptance: The Contracting authority reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the offer, or to allow split or partial awards. Contracting Authority reserves the right to cancel the tender at any stage.

The contracting authority is not bound to select any of the participants having submitted their offers and does not bind itself in any way to select the participant offering the lowest price. The contract will be awarded to the offer considered most responsive to the needs, as well as conforming to Contracting Authority’s general principles, including economy, efficiency and best value for money.

Duration of contract: After the evaluation of offers an award decision contract will be signed with the successful candidate.  The duration of the contract is until December 31st, 2018, renewable for one year under the same terms and conditions upon prior written agreement by both parties.

Information Provision and reception of documents: Available upon candidates’ request by expressing their interest through a written request to the following email address: procurement@solidaritynow.org