Administrator / Logistician

Υποβολή μέχρι: 15/03/2016
Τοποθεσία: Αθήνα με συχνά ταξίδια προς Θεσσαλονίκη
  • Apprehend and perform/implement all administrative and logistics aspects of the project;
  • Implement the project’s HR strategy and ensure proper follow up and documentation of HR processes;
  • Collaborate in defining and implementing a project’s financial, HR and logistical operations strategy in coordination with HQs;
  • Ensure the project’s logistics in Athens and Thessaloniki are run efficiently: participate and follow up on a transparent procurement requests/offers system in cooperation with HQs and other field staff;
  • Supervise and monitor the appropriate usage of the project’s and organization’s assets;
  • Maintain and update the project’s IT software and database;
  • Document meetings and prepare minutes, participate in the organization and realization of workshops and other communications related activities in support of the project;
  • Link up the necessary services to the project’s beneficiaries (e.g. health, protection, basic care) ensuring that these are provided in a do-no-harm, uninterrupted and quality way.

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