SolidarityNow was established in 2013 to assist and support those most affected by the economic and humanitarian crises in Greece.
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Hermione Kouimani
""I volunteer because I cannot see people being wet while I am just comfortably sitting. Our house is on the sea and refugees arrive every day. A boat arrived with 45 people and many babies. I got into the sea, grabbed babies and put them in our home. We turned the radiator on and we gave them milk. I put socks on them and gave them diapers. My teacher gives me thumbs up for helping but tells me that I also need to pay attention to my classes. The other kids at school make fun of me. They tell me I will get sick. It is just five of us who help here.
At school we have history and religion classes and we are told to love and help our neighbor. But here no one comes to help”.
8 years old, student at the island of Chios