Antigone Lyberaki is taking a leave of absence from her position as General Manager of SolidarityNow

Athens, April 10, 2019

Following the current developments in the political scenery, Antigone Lyberaki, is taking a leave of absence from her position as General Manager of SolidarityNow, as she will be assuming the seat of a resigned member of the Greek Parliament.
“I am temporarily pausing my engagement as General Manager of SolidarityNow at a very critical moment for the refugee crisis. From my seat in the Parliament, I will not forget the perspective of the most vulnerable people -whether they are refugees, youth seeking employment, or women struggling to cope with their multiple roles”, Antigone Lyberaki notes and continues: “SolidarityNow will seamlessly continue its work on the basis of the priorities we have set: to be on the side of the most vulnerable with innovative social programs”.
We wholeheartedly wish Antigone every success in her new parliamentary duties, and after their completion, we look forward to welcoming her back to SolidarityNow in order to continue the dynamic and valuable work she has undertaken in the organization.
Antigone Lyberaki has been General Manager of SolidarityNow since October 2017. She is also a Professor of Economics at Panteion University with a PhD in Small and Medium Enterprises and an M. Phil in Development Studies from Sussex University. She was a Member of the Greek Parliament in 2015.

Her current research interests are small and medium enterprises, migration, ageing societies and gender/feminist economics. She is the Greek country team leader for the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), while for years she was an activist and member of the ActionAid Hellas Board of Directors, with a special interest in Africa.