Badal, Iqbal and their teacher Chrysa – Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

Badal, Iqbal and their teacher Chrysa share their educational experience with us just “before the bell rings” at SolidarityNow’s “Homework and Creative Activities Center” in Serres as well.

Badal Ridhwan, 11 years old from Iraq

What have you learned so far at the HCAC?
I like the HCAC because I learn different languages, like Greek and English. Also, I am getting better in mathematics, which is great!

What’s your favourite thing about going to the HCAC?
I like getting help with homework for school. I feel happy because I can learn and have fun at the same time.

Iqbal Rayan, 14 years old, Pakistan

What have you learned so far at the HCAC?
I learn many languages, how to behave and I meet new people. It is very important because I can gather knowledge and a certificate for future career. Also, this school helps me with my H/W and, I really like that we do maths that I can understand.

What’s your favourite thing about going to the HCAC?
It’s more fun! You can be with your friends, discuss about different topics and watch videos that help you learn in a more fun way.

Chrysa Paradisou, teacher from Greece

What are the Centers doing for refugee children that wasn’t being done before?

In HCAC of Serres, we hold classes that support formal education and strive for inclusion. At the same time, the program includes psychosocial integration activities, aiming to socialize children and help them develop life skills. For this reason, we use co-teaching methods to achieve intersectionality.

Do you have an example of a child who has responded well to the teaching at the HCAC?

The 11-year-old Redwan is a student, residing in Serres camp for the past two years. When he started coming to our classes, he could not speak Greek at all. But, with his desire for learning, combined with our rich educational program, he managed to develop language skills and to achieve a satisfactory level. He is now even more active in classes. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing children being happy and gaining linguistic and social skills.

*The project “All Children in Education” (ACE) is implemented by SolidarityNow with support and funding from UNICEF.