Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

“Before the bell rings”:

What is the imprint of education in the lives of children, their parents and teachers?

This September, before the beginning of the school year, let’s read what students of the “Homework and Creative Activities Centers” (HCACs), parents and educators answered to this question, from six out of the twelve areas in Greece, where the Centers operate.

The “Homework and Creative Activities Centers” operate in mainland Greece in the context of the program “All Children in Education” program, implemented by SolidarityNow since October 2021, with the support and funding from UNICEF Greece. The program aims to facilitate the integration of refugee and migrant children in formal education through the provision of non-formal education services and other complementary activities.

SolidarityNow invests in education since its establishment, recognizing its fundamental role both in the smooth social integration and the creation of independent and empowered adults. Through specific programs and actions, the organization creates and offers opportunities to vulnerable population groups – Greeks and non-Greeks- to enhance their educational and life skills by providing them with access to non-formal education activities.

Justbefore the bell rings” we give the floor to Iliana, Louisa, Shevin, Mr. Ali, Elpida, Basira, Maria, Ramazan, Ms. Sabrmha, Charis, Badal, Iqbal, Chrysa, Hasti, Kosar and Alexandra!

*The project “All Children in Education” (ACE) is implemented by SolidarityNow with support and funding from UNICEF Greece.