A storytelling tribute to the International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022

From tomorrow and for 8 days, a story for yesterday’s International Women’s Day.

At SolidarityNow, we celebrate the International Women’s Day, on March 8th, as we do every year. Through human stories, we aim to inform and raise awareness of the conditions under which women live around the world, where their rights are openly or not openly, violated.

Our world still needs to win many battles on the road to gender equality. And it must do so because women’s rights are nothing more than human rights.

The theme of this year’s tribute is a women’s conversation. The women employees of the organization discuss with the women beneficiaries of the SolidarityNow programs. Moreover, women beneficiaries talk about other women who inspire them, about the international day and what it means to them, they talk through their art, through their experiences.

These women who shared thoughts, concerns, and ideas with us, unanimously decided to dedicate the day and their stories to the women who are now displaced from their homeland, who are struggling to save their children, to those who are leaving them and staying to fight. To the women who abandon a whole life and become a refugee, starting a new life from the scratch, having as their secret weapon an inexhaustible source of mental strength.

The floor to Women.

 * In the picture, an artwork of women and teenage girls from the “Female Friendly Space” operated by SolidarityNow in the open accommodation structure for refugees in Ritsona, with the support of UNICEF Greece, IOM Greece and EU funding. Their artwork symbolises the power derived from female solidarity.