Mother’s Day: 7 photographs, 7 mothers and 13 children who celebrate them.

Mother’s Day | May 8th, 2022

7 photos of 7 mothers and 13 children for Mother’s Day.

At SolidarityNow we honor the Mother. The Mother from every part of the world.

We present Madlin and Hezrin from Syria, Khaleqi and Nafesa from Afghanistan, Zahra from Iraq, Narmeen from Egypt and Yana from Ukraine. These seven mothers fled their countries in search of security, peace and a better future for their children. In the seven photos we can see them in happy moments standing proud by their children.

All these women are beneficiaries of the “All Children in Education” project, implemented by SolidarityNow with the support and funding from UNICEF Greece. The project aims to facilitate the integration of refugee and migrant children in the formal education setting through the provision of non-formal education (NFE) services in “Homework and Creative Activities Centres” (HCACs) and other complementary activities.