Claiming accrued wages is an absolute right of every employee

Copyright Lambros Papanikolatos

by the Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow

The 65-year-old Ms. E.K. is an economic migrant from Moldova that has been living in Greece for many years. As she suffers from dementia at an early stage, she faces psychiatric problems and gets medication.

She addressed the Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow requesting support initially from the accounting service and then legal assistance to resolve a labor issue.

Mrs. E.K. is a typical case of a modern form of slavery. She worked for many years in a house, enclosed, without insurance, holiday allowances -Christmas, Easter, and summer-, for 24 hours a day, because even at night she had to be on guard and look after the old lady she was taking care of. When she found the courage to claim her legal rights from her employer, he fired her, “throwing” her on the street without any compensation.

Nevertheless, Mrs. E.K. found the strength to visit the local competent Labor Inspection Body, where she was confronted with injustice and indifference. While submitting her request, the employee said that she should consult an attorney to correctly calculate the amounts of accrued wages along with related allowances and leaves, and then submit her complaint.

The case of Mrs. E.K. was examined by the legal department of the Centre and was offered the option of an out-of-court settlement, after accurately calculating her accrued earnings, including her night work, weekend work, Christmas, Easter, and summer allowances. Now, Mrs. E.K. can submit her complaint to the competent Labor Inspection Body to resolve her case.

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