Fatma talks with Iliana for the International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022

Fatma talks with Iliana.

The two women spend many hours together in the “Female Friendly Space”* operated by SolidarityNow, in the open accommodation structure for refugees in Vagiochori, Thessaloniki. In a place where they both feel safe, they share problems and concerns, feelings, bad and good moments. Their relationship is aimed at supporting Fatma; but each relationship has mutual benefits.

“I like that I have such a busy schedule and that I participate in so many activities at SolidarityNow’s ‘Female Friendly Space’. I have learned many useful things and I feel worthy because I can help other women and act as a positive role model. It would be very boring and pointless if this space did not exist. For the International Women’s Day, I wish every girl’s dream would come true; every woman to feel safe and free to decide and do whatever she wants”.

Fatma is from Syria, she is 34 years old and has been in Greece for a little over than three years.

“In Fatma, I admire the calmness and dedication with which she raises her three children as well as her creativity! She is particularly interested in cooking and painting and enjoys learning new things and acting as a positive role model for her children. She comes to the ‘Female Friendly Space’ almost every day, takes part in the activities and actively joins the discussion groups. For the International Women’s Day, I wish and hope every year we are one step closer to women’s independence from any kind of oppression and stereotypes.”

Iliana, 29, from Greece, is a clinical psychologist and has been working at SolidarityNow’s women empowerment program since 2020.

*The “Female Friendly Spaces” program is implemented by SolidarityNow in 14 open accommodation structures for refugees and asylum seekers with the support of UNICEF Greece, IOM Greece and EU funding.