Spread the News, Not the Virus!

SolidarityNow in collaboration with pod.gr provide refugees and migrants

with answers regarding Covid-19

At SolidarityNow, in consistency with our role, responsibility and mission to respond effectively to urgent social conditions, we work closely with pod.gr, the Greek podcast platform, and overcome together the language barrier so as to inform refugees and migrants in an accurate and accessible way.

At this critical moment, we are all confronted with the coronavirus pandemic, and at the same time, we are, or should be, equal in our right for information. Through this new partnership we ensure that refugees and migrants who do not speak Greek have easy access to information about prevention and protection from Covid-19.

A series of short podcasts in 5 languages ​​(Arabic, Farsi, English, French, Urdu) will be released the coming days, under the title “FAQs for Migrants – Spread the News, Not the Virus”. In this way we make the most of the pod.gr team’s know-how and of the new technologies and providing everyone with useful information and discussions concerning issues related to the consequences caused by the pandemic. Users only need to have a cell phone and internet access.

The 1st podcast entitled “Stay Safe” is on air from today and includes information on the 8 basic measures of protection and prevention from coronavirus by the World Health Organization.

 You can listen to the 1st podcast through the SolidarityNow YouTube channel:


on the website, https://www.solidaritynow.org/podcasts/ and on pod.gr, https://www.pod.gr/.

 “How to listen to a podcast”| Further instructions:

The simplest way to listen to podcasts is from your mobile phone. Visit Playstore and download any free podcast application: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts.  Look for “pod.gr” in your preferred application and you will find all podcasts made by pod.gr team. If you have an iPhone, the application is preinstalled on your device and has a purple icon. Search there too and find your favorite Greek podcasts quickly and easily.