An opportunity to rise again

by the Legal service of the Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow

Mr. X was born and raised in Greece.

Some time ago, he visited the Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow to ask for help. He was carrying on his shoulders the burden of an extremely unpleasant life story that was dramatically reflected in his appearance. Extremely slender, he “shouted” for help, he “shouted” for an opportunity to put his life in order. He had lost everything. His family, his children, his income and home.

The members of the services provided at the Athens Solidarity Center, immediately embraced him. Legal service provided legal advice on the communication issues with his children, on the issues of his criminal cases and after examining his insurance contributions, he succeeded to submit an online application for retirement and an application for temporary pension and advance payment.

That’s how his life changed. In less than a month, Mr. H. saw the advance payment of his pension in his bank account, felt stronger and thus able to catch the thread of his life from the very beginning.

*From 1/8/2021 till 31/7/2022, the Athens Solidarity Center’s operation is supported through a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) in the framework of its global COVID-19 Relief Initiative.

**From 1/7/2021 till 30/6/2022, Kahane Foundation supports the Psychosocial service of the Athens Solidarity Center.

*** The Athens Solidarity Center is also supported by the Municipality of Athens.