Legal support by the Athens Solidarity Center to restore what is rightfully

Copyright Lambros Papanikolatos

by the Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow

Mrs. A.R. is a young Greek woman, a part-time worker, who lives with her partner in a rented residence in Athens. A sudden health problem of her partner – loss of vision – led them to a dire financial situation. The debts along with the constant pressures from their creditors, caused mental health problems for the couple. Under these circumstances, they turned from one day to another, from decent tenants to victims of their landlady, who did not hesitate to send them threatening messages, insult and slander them, and even enter their home, completely illegally. In fact, she tried to humiliate them by shouting in a shared area of ​​the apartment building. The reason why she did all these illegal acts was a slight delay of a few days in the payment of the monthly rent.

Therefore, A.R. visited the Athens Solidarity Center (ASC) of SolidarityNow to receive legal support and put an end to the long-term, highly offensive behavior of the landlady.

Initially, the couple was given legal advice and detailed explanations about their legal rights as tenants. Then, the mediation with the landlady and her attorney stopped her illegal behavior. After many efforts and many months of providing legal services, the beneficiary’s case was finally resolved with the smooth and extrajudicial solution of the lease.

 * Since August 2022, the Athens Solidarity Center is financed by EEA Grants, with ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360 as the fund operator.

**The Center is also supported by the Municipality of Athens.