Refugees escaping war are not a problem for Greeks

Dominika Spyratou is an Advocacy Officer with SOLIDARITYNOW, an organisation supporting those most affected bythe economic and humanitarian crises in Greece. She looks back on the launch of an important new report on the country that took place in May.  Dominika is a mentee  in the Social Change Initiative’s (SCI) migration mentoring programme – this programme provides mentoring support to […]

Preserving the right to accommodation for recognized refugees is essential

According to a recent announcement by the Greek Ministry of Migration Policy, as of 31 March 2019 recognised refugees hosted in the ESTIA programme for more than 18 months will start “exiting” the programme, without provision of further accommodation. SolidarityNow is concerned that due to the lack of appropriate provisions in place, people face serious […]

#Your Vote Our Future-EP Elections 2019

SolidarityNow’s work in support of vulnerable and marginalized populations is driven by the goal of strengthening social cohesion. The protection of rights on all levels, and for all people, is core in this effort. As is the promotion of active citizenship. At SolidarityNow we believe that the upcoming European Parliament (EP) elections are crucial for […]