JOINT STATEMENT: Children in Greece without documents, children still at risk

We, the undersigned, 16 organisations, members of the Child’s Rights Advocacy Network, working to support asylum-seeking and refugee children in Greece, wish to express our concerns about the proposed provisions for unaccompanied and separated children in a newly proposed Immigration Code and call on Greek authorities to reconsider Article 162 of this Code and amend […]

JOINT LETTER: 37 NGOs highlight their concerns relating to the situation of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers in Greece

Letter to: Mr Manos Logothetis, General Secretary of Reception of Asylum Seekers and Mr Patroklos Georgiadis, General Secretary of General Secretariat for Migration Policy. Dear Manos Logothetis and Patroklos Georgiadis, In light of information collected through input from numerous organizations and focus groups from the community, we are sending you this letter highlighting particular concerns […]

ΚΟΙΝΟ ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ: Χορήγηση ειδικής άδειας διαμονής στα ασυνόδευτα παιδιά, το αίτημα από 44 ΜΚΟ

Παιδιά χωρίς χαρτιά, παιδιά σε κίνδυνο. Μέχρι πότε … ; Η πρόσφατη περίπτωση του νεαρού Σαϊντού (Saidou), πρόσφυγα από την Γουινέα, κατέδειξε έντονα το πρόβλημα των ασυνόδευτων παιδιών, τα οποία αν και βρίσκονται στην χώρα υπό την φροντίδα της Πολιτείας, στερούνται ένα μακροχρόνιο πλαίσιο νομικής προστασίας, σύμφωνα με το βέλτιστο συμφέρον τους. Η συγκεκριμένη υπόθεση, έφερε στην […]

JOINT STATEMENT: Implementation of the safe third country concept in Greece

27 Civil Society Organizations, SolidarityNow among them, have sent a letter to EU Commissioner, Ylva Johnasson, asking for a lawful implementation of the notion of “safe third country.” Through the joint letter the 27 NGOs wish to convey to the EU Commissioner our concerns regarding the systematic non-compliance by Greece with the Asylum Procedures Directive […]

JOINT PRESS RELEASE: 27 organisations echo EU Commissioner’s calls on Greek authorities to ensure that all people have full access to their rights and receive basic means of subsistence

EU Commissioner also calls for the “in-merits” examination of asylum applications rejected as inadmissible and for the effective integration of asylum holders           Athens, 15 December 2021 – 27 organisations, while welcoming the EU Commission’s firm response to the alarming reality that thousands of people continue to go hungry in Greek refugee camps, reiterate their calls […]

Joint statement by 19 organisations active on refugee issues in Greece on the Ministry denial to register the non-profit civil society organisation “Refugee Support Aegean” (RSA) on its NGO Registry

The undersigned non-governmental organisations were surprised to be informed that the Ministry of Migration and Asylum denied the registration of non-profit civil society organisation “Refugee Support Aegean” (RSA) on its NGO Registry, despite a positive opinion from competent services. We are particularly concerned by the substantive ground for such rejection, citing that the “development of […]