Greek, EU authorities urged to break ‘vicious cycle’ of overcrowded asylum-seeker hotspots

• For the third year in a row, vulnerable asylum seekers – including thousands of children – are trapped on the Greek islands of the eastern Aegean, enduring inhumane conditions in overcrowded hotspots. • Although the Greek government is moving many people to the mainland, 12 humanitarian organisations are calling for an end to this […]

Child Protection & EU Funding for migrant populations in Greece

On 16 May 2019, on the occasion of the Roundtable Conference “Child Protection & EU Funding for migrant populations in Greece: A reality check and the way forward” several child protection experts and migration stakeholders met to discuss the reception system and integration perspectives of children in migration in Greece, from the perspective of EU […]

Over 100 organisations call Von Der Leyen to stop criminalization of Solidarity with migrants

Over 100 independent organisations are calling the new European Commission to stop the criminalisation of solidarity with migrants in Europe in a joint statement published today. The organisations are calling the European Commission and its newly elected head Ursula Von der Leyen to reform the EU Facilitation Directive, which currently allows Member States to criminalise […]

Carola Rackete is free!

Yesterday, together with 12 other organizations, #SolidarityNow addressed the European institutions and the political, civilian and judicial authorities of Italy, asking them to protect the rights of captain #Carola_Rackete, the people she has rescued, the rule of law and ultimately, the value of solidarity in Europe. Today we are relieved that justice has been done and Carola, […]

Refugees escaping war are not a problem for Greeks

Dominika Spyratou is an Advocacy Officer with SOLIDARITYNOW, an organisation supporting those most affected bythe economic and humanitarian crises in Greece. She looks back on the launch of an important new report on the country that took place in May.  Dominika is a mentee  in the Social Change Initiative’s (SCI) migration mentoring programme – this programme provides mentoring support to […]