Press Conference for the Program “Actions for Refugeess in Thessaliniki – Hospitality Services and Support”

The Press Conference for the program “Actions for refugees in Thessaloniki – Hospitality Services and Support,” which is financed entirely by SolidarityNow, was held on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

The program aims at addressing in a holistic manner the basic needs (such as housing, nutrition, health coverage and provision of legal aid) of persons in need of international protection in the city of Thessaloniki, and is implemented by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and in collaboration with the organizations ARSIS, PRAKSIS and the Greek Council for Refugees.

Speaking about the program and the Selefkidon Street structure, Mayor Yiannis Boutaris stressed that the Municipality of Thessaloniki has developed a close cooperation with the organization SolidarityNow for a long time now. “During difficult times of crisis, charities contribute to better addressing acute social problems and to financing projects that otherwise would not be able to be implemented, thereby reducing the dependence of the municipality on government grants,” he said.