SolidarityNow actively supports the Human Right for All to Equal Opportunities for Access to the Labour Market

Over 2,300 people were linked to the labour market and 380 found a job

Until today, SolidarityNow has responded effectively to the unemployment increased figures in Greece, the last 10 years of the economic recession. The organization has supported more than 2,300 unemployed people to connect with the labour market and has managed to find a job -either permanent or temporary- to more than 380 people. This has been achieved through the SolidarityNow Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki and the specialized Employability Services provided by the organization to all, without any exception.

 In SolidarityNow we believe that the difficulties encountered by a person in his life cannot stand in the way of creating a new life. And that is exactly what we do through our Solidarity Centers and the specialized services offered by our teams: we help people to believe in themselves again, stand on their feet and claim their right to work. Our objective is to help them feel useful and become productive members of our society“, says Antigone Lyberaki, General Manager of SolidarityNow.

The Employability & Counseling Service’s objective is “to help people in this difficult time for the labour market to overcome internal and external barriers and thus create equal access and equal opportunities for all“, underlines Pepi Marioli, the Employability Service Team Leader, at the Athens Solidarity Center.

 Access to Labor Market

Everyone’s absolute human right, in any country of the world, is access to employment services*. SolidarityNow recognized the importance of the Employability Service from the initiation of its Centers’ operation, as the main service aiming at the future – the future of smooth social inclusion of people from vulnerable social groups found on the margins of the labour market due to the economic recession, humanitarian crisis or due to professional choices that don’t fit and/or satisfy them.

Results in Numbers – from Athens to Thessaloniki

Athens Solidarity Center | From January to December 2018, more than 1,000 people sought support from the Employability & Counseling Service. More than 130 out of them, found temporary or permanent employment.

Solidarity Center & Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki | From 2016 to 2018, more than 1,300 people received support from the Employability Service, and more than 250 found temporary or permanent employment.

One of them, as Pepi Marioli says, is “a 26-year-old Greek woman, who learned how to look for a job efficiently; she made her CV with the proper guidance; she recognized with the assistance of her work counsellor her personality traits and professional strengths. The result; Today she has a job in the field of her interest, and she is very happy!

In addition, through the operation of the Employability Service at the Solidarity Centers, SolidarityNow aims to develop partnerships with corporate and institutional stakeholders in order to link employers and future employees, promoting diversity in the work environment.

SolidarityNow provides job opportunities

The organization itself is an example of a diverse working environment that fights unemployment by providing equal work opportunities to everybody regardless of origin or other criteria, supporting thus social integration. Today, SolidarityNow, in its programs and structures across Greece, employs more than 300 people – 61 of them come from different countries of the world.

Among them are Mohamed, Zahra and Manar – people who came to Greece as refugees and are currently employed at SolidarityNow in different positions depending on their knowledge, work experience and talents. SolidarityNow helped them start their new lives and become active members of their new social environment.

As the 39-year-old Manar from Syria, who works as an interpreter, says, the words “refugee” and “single mother” have been replaced by three strong descriptions: employed, independent, strong. Similarly, Zahra from Iran -interpreter- says that having a job makes her able to dream again; she dreams of becoming a famous painter, while Mohamed -English teacher- says that “what I really like is that I can change one’s life for the better, even on this small scale“.

There is a trait that big companies of the world perceive slowly; however, this trait is embedded in the SolidarityNow DNA; namely that the diversity of people is a source of strength, inspiration and durability. Only a group of “citizens of the world” can face the challenges and problems of a complex world – of our world“, Antigone Lyberaki underlined.

Learn more about the Employability Service through the video: & listen to Manar, Zahra and Mohammed’s stories through their own narratives:

My name is Manar

Zahra, the Strong Wings

Mohamed, the English Teacher

* Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2012/C 326/02)

**The Employability Service operated in the Athens Solidarity Center and the Solidarity Center and Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki, as one of the many services provided pro bono to all those in need, and is supported by UNHCR with the funding of the E.U.