“12 Tips on How to Protect your Child”, Animation Video by SolidarityNow

Animation Video: “12 Tips on How to Protect your Child”

Campaigning for the safety of children in open accommodation sites

SolidarityNow supports parents in their protective role, spreading awareness and empowering them to assume their inherent responsibilities. Through the “Child and Family Support Hubs”* program that SolidarityNow operates in partnership with UNICEF Greece and IOM Greece, we are present in 14 open accommodation sites across mainland Greece, where we have mapped the threats and dangers posed by these environments to the safety of children.

Parents have the right and duty to protect their children in every possible way, however the parental role is often challenging and complex especially when the environment is precarious. Using our on-the-ground experience, we have created useful tools to keep parents informed on their parental role. One such tool spearheading our campaigns for children’s safety is the new animation video entitled:

“12 Tips on How to Protect your Child”.

The video has been produced in four languages (English, Arabic, Farsi, French). These 12 rules have been distilled to summarize parents’ precautionary actions against a range of potential threats. The new animation videos will be widely disseminated and shared with other field actors, to form the basis of information sessions and campaigns on parental responsibility. Also, SolidarityNow has used these tips as campaigning tools through multiple media: posters and leaflets are posted across all the sites where we are present, keeping parents alert.

We are aiming to continue campaigning for the safety of children in open accommodation sites, using our multimedia tools, to keep parents informed, empowered, and engaged!

*SolidarityNow’s “Child & Family Support Hubs” (CFSH) program is supported by UNICEF Greece and IOM Greece with funding by the European Union.