8 Women, 8 Stories, 8th of March World Women’s Day: A Powerful Message from the Women at SolidarityNow

Giorgos Moutafis for SolidarityNow

“There is nothing left to suffer and now we live again”, “we got strength and we breathe fresh”, “here I am free now”, “I am so strong that nothing will make me cry”, “I am sure that life will bring good things for me, “, “now I feel confident about me “,” my dream is to live in Greece and become a writer. ”

Burfi, Hanasa, Anna, Raha, Tugba, Zainab, Nufa. All of them different, all of them are the same. From Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Greece, Afghanistan. What unites them are the difficulties of life that they did not “break” them, that they did not deprive them of their will for life. Common denominator: their power. This is the driving force along with the almost primitive will to go on. To live and dream.

Eight women, eight stories that will unfold up to March 8, a symbolic day celebrating women’s rights, their struggles, their claims, their victories. World Women’s Day is about to celebrate together with our own “next door” heroes, and in their name, the struggles of everyday, often unseen women, who, with their courage and determination, wrote and continue to write history.

Greece: the road to equality is still long

In the recent Gender Equality Index, which measures performance in the areas of work, power, knowledge, health and time, Greece ranked the lowest in the EU, an indication that much remains to be done to empower women and end gender discrimination.

The deep economic crisis in the country has a negative impact on the position of women, among other things, as rigorous austerity policies have led to wage cuts, a reduction in human resources, and a restriction on access to services. Progress, albeit slow in comparison to other EU Member States, in the fields of equality in the labor market, the elimination of wage inequality, equal opportunities in education, health and human rights that has been achieved from the 1980s onwards, is in serious danger.

In SolidarityNow, through our programs, we are trying to fill in the gaps created by the 10-year crisis, to fight stereotypes and propose solutions to tackle gender inequality.

You will find it out the way we do it through the stories of our beneficiaries.