A journey of a Syrian

M. is a 28 year old Syrian man, father of two boys. He is a victim of war, having lost his house from a bomb attack which also left his both legs amputated. After a long time of treatment and rehabilitation he got two artificial legs and took the decision to migrate with his family in order to find a safe place in Europe to stay. Because there was no legal way to travel, the Syrian refugees had to pay a trafficker to reach Greece through Turkey.

The journey was really hard, as they had to walk for hours, got lost in the fields, until finally they boarded a small boat loaded with migrants to cross the Evros river. When they arrived to Greece, they were kept for some days at the detention center and then they were released in the country with nowhere to stay. When the family visited Solidarity Center, the social service with the assistance of the translator‐social mediator helped them to find a temporary shelter to stay for free.

When the couple needed to visit a doctor, they were referred to the medical department of Solidarity Center. Subsequently, Ms. N., the mother of the family, seeked for a gynecologist and was accompanied by the translator to another free clinic of the area. After staying for 3 months at the shelter, the family had to leave the place and the sole alternative was a refuge that accommodates only women and children. Thus, Mr. M. had nowhere to stay and decided to leave Greece, and managed to arrive to Germany, where he applied for asylum and is now given the phychosocial support he needed by the German state.His wife and children are still in Greece and with the intervention of the legal department of Solidarity Center all the necessary procedures have been carried out in order for the family to reunite.

Roula Gannoum, Translator Social Mediator, PRAKSIS, Thessaloniki Solidarity Center