Actions to relieve those affected by the crisis

“Europe’s borders are outside the area”, highlighted the Rapporteur of the Migration Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Andrea Rigoni, from Lesbos. Indeed, Europe’s borders perhaps stop right there, as the promised European solidarity was never manifested, while the number published by the UNHCR is staggering: More than half a million refugees and migrants have already arrived in Greece this year. Common realization? Even a few days after the first hotspot was established on the Island, images at the Center of Immigrant and Refugee Registration in Moria remain tragic.
But what is unfolding is actually not a refugee crisis, but primarily a solidarity crisis. And during this crisis, the only one who have successfully managed to face this solidarity challenge is civil society.
More specifically, Open Society Foundations (OSF) has been intervening for the last 25 years with specific actions and multiple programs to support immigrant and refugee populations in Europe. The founders of OSF fore sought the crisis and the upcoming humanitarian issue in Greece, stressing that Europe overall must reclaim its vision of a society based on solidarity.

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