World Refugee Day: “On the World Refugee Day… I would like to speak TO the refugees themselves and not FOR them.”

Marina Kanta, Team Leader, Legal Service Athens Solidarity Center*, SolidarityNow  On the World Refugee Day, I would like to speak TO the refugees and not for the refugees. I do not know the language of the programs …”means of verification, results, inputs, outputs, indicators, numbers”… However, I know the language we have spoken with the […]

International Day of Families: Hadia’s Family

International Day of Families | May 15, 2021 Hadia and her family are from Hanges, a small village in the city of Duhok in Iraq. In 2019, Hadia and her eight children arrived in Greece through Evros, after wandering for several days and facing difficult weather conditions.  Hadia however never lost her faith, since she […]

International Day of Families: Rihan’s family

International Day of Families | May 15, 2021 Rihan and her family are from Kurdistan. They were forced to flee their country, as their lives were in danger. In August 2018, she arrived in Greece with her children, walking through Evros, after several days of hardship and difficulties. Now, they are living in the Open […]

Labor rights and the pandemic – Anna’s story

 by the Legal Service of the Athens Solidarity Center* We met Anna a few months ago, when she addressed the Legal Service of the SolidarityNow’s Solidarity Center in Athens, in order to seek help regarding her work and her relation with the employer company. Her story began in April 2020 with the outbreak of the pandemic […]

She found her hearing again, but also her smile

The 12-year-old A. from Afghanistan lives with her family in the open accommodation structure for refugees and migrants in Ritsona. Her mother has been worried lately, because her underage daughter has severe hearing loss, and this makes it difficult or even impossible for her to communicate with others. The young teenager was isolated from those […]

Mr. S. has a home now

by the Social Service of the Athens Solidarity Center* When we met Mr. S. at the Social Service of the Athens Solidarity Center, he informed us about how “I was forced to leave my country, not for a better life, but for staying alive”. In his country of origin, he was persecuted and deprived of […]

SolidarityNow for the International Women’s Day | March 8, 2021

At SolidarityNow we honored the International Women’s Day by informing and empowering our women-beneficiaries of the programs implemented by the organization. Many and different actions were carried out in the framework of all the programs, with the majority of them and the most targeted ones concerning the women-beneficiaries of the program “Child and Family Support […]

International Women’s Day: A story worth reading | Asifa from Afghanistan, an example of strength

International Women’s Day A story worth reading | Asifa from Afghanistan, an example of strength in the tribute of UNICEF Europe and Central Asia for the International Women’s Day. The 27-year-old Asifa is a former beneficiary of the “Child and Family Support Hubs” program implemented by SolidarityNow and a current employee at the organization. The […]