From Guinea to Greece

by the Athens Solidarity Center A doctor from Guinea finds a job in Greece, always hoping that tomorrow will be better for him. B., a 36-year-old French-speaking asylum seeker in Greece, studied medicine and worked as a pathologist in hospitals in Guinea and in non-governmental organizations working there. But life in Guinea is far from […]

Solidarity: a “service” that is not hindered by distance

by the Athens Solidarity Center Klaudi came from Albania to Greece six months ago and was hosted by her relatives. Shortly after her arrival in the country, at the age of 41, she was diagnosed with cancer, which led to her immediate hospitalization in the hospital of the South Aegean Island where she lived. In […]

Finding solid ground: The holistic support as the first step to success

A., a 45-year-old artist from Greece approached the Athens Solidarity Center’s services in the beginning of 2024, seeking for a more stable job with reliable salary payments. He started his sessions with the employment counselor, prepared his CV, and successfully participated in the Job Fair organized by SolidarityNow and Odyssea, where on-site interviews took place. […]

Transition to Adulthood: The Role of Psychological Support

The journey to adulthood is often filled with obstacles and challenges. At the Psychological Support Service of the Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow, our specialized psychologists directly engage with the difficulties of this transitional phase, particularly as many of our beneficiaries fall within the age range of 18 to 23 years old. Within our service, […]

International Women’s Day 8/3: “Empowering Stories from Women Migrants”

As we reflect on International Women’s Day, it is important to celebrate the achievements, resilience, and invaluable contributions of women. This year, we are excited to share three inspiring videos that embody the spirit of empowerment, inclusion, and solidarity. [Video 1] In the first video, the spotlight shines on the remarkable statement of Nese, who […]

Fighting for Justice: Protecting the Rights of a Senegalese Refugee

In the intricate web of migration law and bureaucracy, stories of resilience and triumph often emerge from the shadows. Such is the case of a Senegalese woman who found herself dealing with the complexities of renewing her asylum status in Greece. Her journey is a testament to the power of legal advocacy in preserving the […]

How Legal Support Transformed the Life of a Vulnerable Refugee from Sri Lanka

In the realm of Legal Service, stories of change and hope often unfold amidst the most challenging circumstances. Such is the case of a post-adolescent citizen of Sri Lanka whose life took a remarkable turn thanks to the intervention of the legal service at the Athens Solidarity Centre by SolidarityNow. Born in Greece but without […]

From Uncertainty to Empowerment: The Successful Journey of Ms. P at the Athens Solidarity Center

by the Employability Service at the Athens Solidarity Center In a world where access to support services can often feel like a maze, SolidarityNow’s Athens Solidarity Center is a beacon of hope for people like Ms P. Her story unfolded in a journey from uncertainty to empowerment and professional rehabilitation. It all started with a […]