INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_Lena: ” I want to ask women to claim their rights!”

“Strength is something that can only be transferred from one to another. You cannot strengthen someone if you don’t feel strong at the same time“, this is how Lena Zachou, a psychologist at the organization’s Solidarity Center in Athens feels and sums up the concept of empowering and supporting people from vulnerable social groups. The […]

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_Jennifer: “Women must definitely know their rights, claim them with dignity and leave from where they don’t show them respect”

A chef from Ghana and a student of economics from Sri Lanka and Argentina gave an appointment in Lebanon without knowing it. There they met, they fell in love, they returned to their respective countries, but they never separated actually and ended up in Lebanon again, where their daughter Jennifer was born. The 24-year-old Jennifer […]

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_Christina: “Strength is drawn from the control of our own life”

Christina Koufopoulou has studied Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has been working as a teacher at SolidarityNow for the past 3 years. Her involvement with the humanitarian sector was almost fatal. Years ago, a friend asked her, in which job she feels like herself. Christina said that could be […]

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_Marina: “We must accept ourselves and embrace our weaknesses”

Almost nothing had ever stopped her. The only thing that “halted” her, made her change direction and start something new. Her new-found purpose and direction come through her work as a lawyer at the Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow: “Every day I interact with different people, learn new things and change“. Marina at the age […]

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_Fatma: “Women must discover the power within themselves”

“Woman must discover the power within themselves”, says Fatma Abdelbadie, who works as a cultural mediator at Thessaloniki Solidarity Center. 61-year-old Fatma, is from Cairo and has been in Greece since 1983. She has been working with SolidarityNow for the past 2.5 years. Fatma grew up in a closed society and only when she came […]

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_ Lena: No woman should feel inferior

“No woman should feel inferior”, says Lena, who celebrated her 50nth birthday on February 13th. Lena Mrapshtija  comes from Albania and lives in Greece for the last 20 years. Today, she works as a part-time cleaner at the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center. Lena was a good student and her dream was to study medicine, but she […]