INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY_ Lena: No woman should feel inferior

“No woman should feel inferior”, says Lena, who celebrated her 50nth birthday on February 13th. Lena Mrapshtija  comes from Albania and lives in Greece for the last 20 years. Today, she works as a part-time cleaner at the Thessaloniki Solidarity Center. Lena was a good student and her dream was to study medicine, but she […]

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Women’s em(power)ment

SolidarityNow, this year, on March 8th, unfolds a tribute to women under the title: “Women’s em(power)ment”. Through this tribute, we focus on the organizations’ female employees. Women of different origins -from Greece, Albania, Egypt, Sri Lanka and elsewhere- who are role-models and can empower other women through their experiences, personal stories and work. Women who […]

“There Are Good Separations As Well”

by Evripidis Michail, Education Officer in SolidarityNow During a parents’ meeting held some weeks ago at the Intercultural Gymnasium of Thessaloniki, Evripidis Michail, Education Officer in SolidarityNow, felt like to write about the relationships created between teachers and pupils, as well between teachers and parents. A text written from the heart and dedicated to all […]


“I want to study and become something in life”   Said wears nothing but a smile. He is 26 years old and comes from Syria; he is supported through SolidarityNow’s Accommodation Program in Thessaloniki. “My name in Arabic means happiness”, he says. “Are you a happy person?”, we ask him. “Yes I am. I grew […]


“If I get good grades, I want to study medicine!”  “I do not know if I am the best student, but I’m doing my best. I want to find work and go to the University” “When I was going school in Afghanistan, I didn’t like mathematics at all, so instead of concentrating on the lesson […]


“Life is far too short to be sad” The waiting room in Thessaloniki Solidarity Center is crowded. Smiles, over thinking, anxiety, relief, some of the feelings that are reflected on people’s faces. M’s figure stands out from the crowd. Tall and ramrod straight, with his big eyes and a calm look, he holds a bag […]


“Everything happens for a reason. All this fight, the good and the bad moments have led me to this point. Fortunately, I always think positively, otherwise what’s the point?” It is 18:30 in the afternoon and the office is almost empty. We sit in a small room where the social workers and psychologists of the […]