#OURHEROES: Grigoris Papafragkas_My Containment, their Confinement

Since April 2, when some of our beneficiaries were tested positive for COVID-19, the situation at Ritsona camp, where I work, has changed radically. Police cars and police teams were patrolling the camp’s entrance. The beneficiaries, now excluded from any service, were in greater need than ever. We continued our presence at the camp, responding […]

#OURHEROES: Evangelia Tsilimigkra_In the midst of this Crisis, Work Opportunities lie ahead

Many things have changed during this crisis. All the important activities in the field of labor market and education were “frozen” or suspended. An immediate priority in the Employability Service at the SolidarityNow’s Athens Solidarity Center, was the adjustment to the new reality as to continue being on the side of our beneficiaries; and most […]

#OURHEROES: Yiannis Kafkas_Lust for life

Working as a psychologist at the Athens Solidarity Center, every day I challenge myself through people’s different and usually, harsh stories. Stories of people facing the effects of poverty, the anxiety of unemployment, the uncertainty of migration, the effects of fear caused by the experience of war or persecution. I often tell people that if […]

Living Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Αthanasia Papiggi, Student Group Coordinator STARTnow A few months ago, none of us would believe someone saying that we would be forced to stay home for a long time. We would say that all this is a bad joke. But COVID-19 changed our lives and the bad joke became reality. After the first shock, we […]


“Facing hardships in life can be good for you” We met with Dominika at SolidarityNow’s Thessaloniki Solidarity Center, shortly after her meeting with Vicky, her psychologist. Dominika, 37, comes from Poland and has lived in Greece for the past 14 years. She has two young children that were born here. She is currently unemployed and […]


“You have to learn the language of the country you are living in and realize that you need to start a life here so you can move forward!” Our first contact with Ms. Azia Mizroyan was at SolidarityNow’s Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki, where she works as a cultural mediator for the kurmanji language. Ms […]