#WomenInScience: Feriste

“My husband is the first person in my life, who pushes me to continue my studies” Feriste, 25, from Afghanistan, along with her husband and daughter, have been living in Greece for the last 2.5 years. Their daughter was born here. If the Greek law was different, she would have taken the Greek citizenship. We […]

#WomenInScience: Rosa

“Mathematics for me is a philosophy. A philosophy interconnected with all other sciences” Knowing Rosa, even a little, we didn’t have to think a lot about how she got her name. Close to the example of Rosa Luxemburg, the brilliant 26-year-old Rosa from Athens is revolutionary and politically motivated; two characteristics that have affected her personal […]

#WomenInScience: Sana from Pakistan

“I am a mathematician, who life has made her an artist” Sana comes from Pakistan and has been living in Greece for the last 7 months. She speaks fluent English. She has studied mathematics, just like her mother. Actually, she had begun a postgraduate course, but she was unable to complete her studies since she […]

Tribute: Women and Science or Women in Science

#WomenInScience Feriste, Rosa, Sana speak a common language – mathematics. Along with them, Anna-Maria who speaks the ‘language of technology’. They all look up to a large number of women who changed the history of their lives, the history of science and left their mark in the history of gender equality. Women who have not […]

“Why radio?” – Katerina Kafentzi answers the main question

Is the radio a way of expression and a means of social inclusion? “Yes, it is”, she replies. Katerina Kafentzi (a.k.a Kafka), Music Curator/Founder, CEO @Kafka Takes Notes, describes her experience with the SolidarityNow beneficiaries who participated in the radio trainings and podcast production. “A few months ago, the SolidarityNow team approached me and proposed […]

“The photo has now become a common language, more than speech and writing”

Alexandros Avramidis, photographer It is the end of February and we are in the port of Thessaloniki. Ahmed, Abdul, Mariam and other teenagers are holding a camera in their hands and are taking photographs of the scenery. Every shot reveals a different image, but actually it’s more like a personal testimony. Through this creative way, […]

Kamran and Hamid in the radio and photo days’ seminar

Kamran from Pakistan is one of the 60 SolidarityNow beneficiaries who took part in the photography and radio trainings organized and completed by the organization under the program entitled “The Resilient Roots Initiative”. Radio, podcasts and photography, are powerful tools of modern media. Words and images, if they are used properly, they can express feelings, […]

“Artistic expression has no age limit and it’s above origin”

Christos Kiousis, journalist We’re at the Revolver Recording studio. Omar, 24 years old from Algeria, stands in front of a microphone and narrates his story. Next to him is the journalist and his teacher Christos Kiousis, who guides him. In a moment he will start recording his podcast and we all have to be quiet. […]