8 March_International Women’s Day #STRONGALONE_Women who are Winners!

Migrant, refugee, redundant, abused, detained, marginalized women. Borders are closing, labor and individual rights are being violated, anti-abortion campaigns are being activated and hate speech has prevailed. Everything that has been claimed has been lost in recent years. Victims of these changes are mainly women, as they experience the most difficulties. According to the European […]


“In total, Zamir paid $9,300 to traffickers who repeatedly deceived him, so as to travel with his family to Greece from Iraq”. The story of Zamir is featured in the first “Mega Papers” broadcast on the Mega TV channel, about enormous contemporary human adversities. A predicament that constitutes the first of the three largest organized […]

#SocialJustice: Mariam_”I Want to Become a Symbol for All Women in My Country”

Mariam, 27-year old, comes from Afghanistan and along with her daughter, who is 9 years old, have been living in Greece for the last four years. Mariam was a victim of domestic violence. The problems with her husband began when both of them were living in Afghanistan. She tried to break up from him but […]

#SocialJustice: Olga_“Now I feel safer and stronger to move on”

Olga was born and raised in Greece. She has lived in the Patisia area for more than 30 years of her life, living in the same house. Olga is proud to say she has always been punctual in her financial obligations towards third parties, ensuring a decent standard of living for herself. Things have changed […]

#SocialJustice: Mohammed_Today Mohammed enjoys the protection he is entitled to

Mohammed is from Pakistan. He is 36 years old. He requested international protection and asylum and his request was rejected in both first and second degree. Mohammed has been diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease (CKD) at a terminal stage by Greek Public hospitals and since May 2019 he has joined a dialysis treatment program, […]

#SocialJustice_Eleni_She Claimed and Succeeded to Correct her Gender in Her Identity Card

Eleni K. 40-year old is a professional makeup artist. She decided to seek legal support at SolidarityNow’s Thessaloniki Solidarity Center, as she did not have the money to pay a lawyer to represent her in the change of her gender in the government-issued identity document. From the age of 4 she felt that she was […]

World Day of Social Justice | #SocialJustice

#IHaveTheRight SolidarityNow: Ensuring Social Justice The World Day of Social Justice is celebrated every year on February 20th. Social justice is a continuous political and social claim. Many struggles have taken and taking place for social justice, as it gives rise to ideological and political oppositions. But what is Social Justice? We can summarize its […]