The undisputable right of access to the asylum procedures of a particularly vulnerable applicant

Martha Chatziantoniou  Attorney at law, Athens Solidarity Center Legal Service *  Access to asylum procedures in Greece presents significant challenges for people with serious disabilities, especially when they live outside the protective framework of the state. This is the case for applicants who make a subsequent application for asylum, following the final rejection of their […]

The SolidarityNow tribute on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

SolidarityNow honored the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence with a series of awareness raising activities organized by the facilitators of the Female Friendly Spaces at the Child & Family Support Hubs operating by the organization, in 14 open accommodation sites for migrants and refugees across Greece. Through these actions, the women living in […]

“Days of lockdown, days of the pandemic”

10.12.2020 | Human Rights Day “Days of lockdown, days of the pandemic” By Thodoris Zeis, Lawyer Legal Service Athens Solidarity Center Days of lockdown, days of the pandemic. Equal for everybody? Of course not. A young man from Guinea has been forced to travel by train from Thessaloniki, the city of the hundreds of Covid-19 […]

INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S DAY_“The aim is one, actual integration”

Fotini, teacher, Integration Learning Center, Athens  Fotini has been working for Civil Society’s organizations since 2016. She is a philologist and teaches Greek to refugees and migrants. Since 2019, she is one of the teachers at the SolidarityNow Integration Learning Center for the “HELIOS” program*, teaching the Greek language to recognized adult refugees living in Greece. […]

INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S DAY_“What I wish for my students is to never stop trying and never feel alone”

Maria Ninou, teacher, Integration Learning Center, Ioannina  Αt the other end of the telephone, Maria Ninou, language teacher, talks about the Greek lessons she gives to recognized adult refugees, at SolidarityNow’s Integration Learning Center (ILC) in Ioannina. “I will not talk about the course context” she tells us at the beginning of our discussion; indeed she […]

INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S DAY_“What I try to convey to my students from all over the world is my love for learning”

Emmanouela, teacher, Integration Learning Center, Athens She has just finished her course at the “HELIOS” Integration Learning Center* in Athens, and during her break she is happy to talk about her work and experience in this program, which in her opinion is indeed “a second sun”** for its beneficiaries. Emmanuela is a language professor who […]

INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S DAY_”Education will help them have a better life”

INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S DAY_5 OCTOBER #education=integration “Education will help them have a better life” Chrysa Zizopoulou, teacher, Integration Learning Center, Thessaloniki In one of the classrooms of SolidarityNow’s Integration Learning Center (ILC) in Thessaloniki, 33-year-old Chryssa Zizopoulou, language professor, teaches Greek to recognized adult refugees. Due to the pandemic the number of students in the class is […]