Basira, Maria and education – Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

The 15-year-old Basira from Afghanistan and her teacher, Maria, met at the “Homework and Creative Activities Center” of SolidarityNow in the open accommodation structure for refugees and asylum seekers in Kavala. What do they tell us about the educational procedure as they experience it through the “All Children in Education” program? Basira Mohammadi, Afghanistan What […]

Iliana, the student, and Louisa, the teacher speak about their encounter through education – Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

The 12-year-old Iliana from Syria is a student of Louisa in the “Homework and Creative Activities Center” (HCAC) operating in the Blue Refugee Center of SolidarityNow in Thessaloniki. Through their answers, they share with us the positive imprint of educational procedures in their lives. Iliana, Syria (Kurdish origin) What have you learned so far at […]

Tribute: “Before the bell rings”

“Before the bell rings”: What is the imprint of education in the lives of children, their parents and teachers? This September, before the beginning of the school year, let’s read what students of the “Homework and Creative Activities Centers” (HCACs), parents and educators answered to this question, from six out of the twelve areas in […]

Tribute to the International Friendship Day, July 30th: “Friendships have no borders”

#internationalfriendshipday International Friendship Day, July 30th: “Friendships have no borders” On the occasion of today’s World Friendship Day, SolidarityNow starts unfolding a digital short storytelling and photographic tribute to the people who became friends under difficult living conditions, entitled: “Friendships have no borders” via the organization’s social media pages! It is of the utmost importance that […]

Mr. S. achieved what he thought was unachievable with the right support

by the Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow One of the most interesting and challenging cases with which the social service team at the Athens Solidarity Center (ASC) had to deal with recently, was the one of a 68-year-old beneficiary from Greece with severe health problems. Mr. S used to work in various sectors to support […]

With a Little Help from the Athens Solidarity Center, Mr. A. found a job and made his first personal art exhibition!

by the Employability Service of the Athens Solidarity Center, SolidarityNow A 56-year-old art teacher, painter and sculptor from Greece, living in Athens, sought support from the Athens Solidarity Center’s employability service. Mr. A. has studied graphic arts and worked for many years as a private sector employee, an art teacher, and a freelance painter and […]