A “solidarity home” that smells mate*, a hot served meal and …love

“I have the most beautiful woman; I know it“, says Rimon. Ariz blushes and looks down. “He loves me“, she says. And so it seems; Rimon and Ariz from Syria – parents of two children, the 7-year-old Lana and the 3-year-old Elias. Their family is hosted in one for the six solidarity homes, in the […]

Ahmad’s story

Ahmad is a 50-year-old, lawyer, painter and poet. In his country Syria and in the Arab world, is among the well-known contemporary authors. Even today, despite persecutions, imprisonment, health problems, family separation and the experience of becoming a refugee, he continues to write poems and prose that he sends for publication in Arabic newspapers and […]

“We live in the woods; in the cold” | Basar’s story

“We came here to the woods because we were told that there is no place for us in the camp. We kept waiting out in the cold. For what? For nothing. My wife was nine months pregnant. The first few days, we were offered help by friends, but also by people who didn’t know us […]

“In the tents it’s as though we live in a plastic bag” | Αhmed’s story

“My wife is six-month pregnant; yet, she has not been either treated or examined by any doctor since we have come here. She is about to give birth to our fourth child. In Syria, we don’t have doctors anymore, they have all left the country because of the war. I didn’t expect that things here […]

M. found hope again

Μ. found hope again, with the support of the Personal Counseling and Psychotherapy Department at the Athens Solidarity Center Vicky Anastasiou, Reception Officer at the Athens Solidarity Center “I am looking forward to leave; I will travel to find my children. I am waiting for the ticket to Germany. If I hadn’t come to Athens Solidarity […]

“We do not believe in heroes; we believe in people’s power when they interact truthfully.”

Thodoris and Eleni, SolidarityNow employees, Blue Dots program Thodoris: Occupational therapist with postgraduate studies and trainer of the Sherborne method (pedagogical method), with large experience in storytelling and team empowerment. Eleni: Psychologist and art historian, also with experience in storytelling and group empowerment. From the very beginning of their professional acquaintance, Thodoris and Eleni felt that […]