#ArtIsMyLife | Therese

“We sing Congolese gospel. The Bible says that to sing is to pray twice” Therese, 30 years old, comes from Congo. She studied to become a nurse but her dream was to work in the music field. As a teenager she was singing in a band. When she announced to her father her decision to […]

#ArtIsMyLife | Richard

“Painting is in my blood. I do not have to make any effort; it comes naturally” Richard is slender. He is wearing a houndstooth scarf on his neck and a pair of jeans that has painted himself. He is only 24 years old but talks like a mature man. The forced migration, the loneliness of […]

#ArtIsMyLife | Sami

“I am an artist and I will die as an artist”  “I have my life back home”, says 33-year-old Sami who fled Congo to come to Greece. He has been living in Greece since December 2016. His long journey began from Moria, Lesvos and ended in Thessaloniki. We are sitting at the lounge of the […]

#artismylife | MOMO

“Here, when you want to succeed, and when you have a lot of ideas, people support you and encourage you. On the contrary, in Congo people hold you back” Momo is 26 years old, and he is coming from far away, from Congo. He has studied Mass Communications, he had his own rap band, he […]

#ArtIsMyLife | Armand

“You need to have hope. If a star falls from the sky, it does not determine the end of the sky” What can biochemistry and geology have to do with poetry and existentialism? “None” someone would answer with ease. But in Armand’s case, philosophy and science complement each other and can be used to better […]

#artismylife | ABDUL

“My mission is to give a meaning in my life” “I am from Guinea”, Abdul says, and we are looking at the globe to find out where this country is. The Republic of Guinea is located in West Africa, is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and neighbored by Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia and […]

#ArtIsMyLife | Gisele

“Singing is my passion. When I sing, I feel nice. Music inspires me” The girls have just finished their rehearsal and we walk along the small streets of Volvi*. Moria begins to sing one of his songs. We ask him to interpret the lyrics. “In few words, the song says that love is a crocodile” […]

#ArtIsMyLife | Moria

“One thing that makes me happy is to sing. When I sing I forget my problems. I forget everything” We walk in the streets of Volvi. The area is full of small summer houses that were built in the past to accommodate the tourists who visited the small spa town. We listen to women and […]