Nakam, the artist by Julia Terner and Valia Savvidou Nakam is dressed entirely in blue today, as he is every day. Blue hat, jacket, shirt, jeans and sandals. I ask him why he dresses in blue and the answer is simple: “I like blue”. Nakam is a Kurdish artist and writer sitting under a fig […]


Gol Ahmad, “the Grandad”  by Julia Terner, SolidarityNow intern – trainee Referred to as ‘The Grandad’, Gol Ahmad is the only elderly person living in Elefsina camp. He is staying there with his son and three grandchildren. Often sitting on a bench on the terrace outside the camp building, he is always smiling and ready […]


a discussion with Eleni Stamatoukou “I don’t feel like a foreigner in Tilos”  “What we’re experiencing now, here, in the accommodation structure we are hosted in Tilos, is like a dream coming true. I feel stronger than before. Compared to other people who came from the same place as me, I feel as though I’m […]


Fariba on the mountains’ top by Julia Terner, SolidarityNow intern – trainee “Sometimes I go outside to the forest alone and I start to sing with a loud voice.”. I am talking about the power of music and singing with Fariba, a Kurdish woman from Iran. She speaks quickly and earnestly and has a pleasant […]

Fatima loves to run and hit a record!

Fatima Sadiqqi is 16 years old and she is coming from Afghanistan. Last Saturday she ran her first 5km race at the 6th International Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon half marathon in Thessaloniki, Greece and hit a record! Wearing her hijab, she crossed the finish line with net time of 00:13:56, making history as the only […]


a discussion with Eleni Stamatoukou “My name is Ahmad, and I’m 30 years old. I come from Syria, and more specifically, the city of Deir ez-Zor, which is situated near the boarder to Iraq. Deir ez-Zor is Syria’s richest city, a result of the oil reserves found in the soil, but the people who live […]

#followmylife | The Elef Club for teenagers in Elefsina

by Julia Turner, SolidarityNow intern – trainee “We wanted to get away from… from being so alone; and you know keep our minds busy.” Suhail is explaining how the Elef Club was set up. Six months ago, Suhail and a couple of friends approached Solidarity Now CFS Facilitators* Theo and Eleni, asking to set up […]

In Tilos #LivingTogether

Ahmad works at Michalis’s hotel. Kousay found work at the island’s bakery. Maha and Maysoon are working for the first time in their lives and feel the joy of earning a salary and being able to support their families. Mohsan for the first time devotes time to raising his children. All of them live in […]