“You have to taste a culture to understand it” *

*Deborah Cater, British travel and food blogger On the evening of June 19th, the Seychelles restaurant in Kerameikos had altered its catalogue adding Barshank’s dishes – humus, spicy lamb, tabbouleh, grilled chicken with spices and groats and mutabal. The same happened when Abdul cooked at the 7 Food Sins restaurant in Plaka, where the cook […]

Shalama: “We left behind the war and the fear, to find safety and life”

“We left behind the war and the fear, to find safety and life” Shalama, refugee from Syria, 36 years-old, father of four Shalama, his 25-year-old wife, their 6-year-old son and their twin girls, arrived in Greece in 2016. During their journey, they were also “carrying” their son; the couple’s youngest son was finally born during […]

“Every cloud has a silver lining!”

Andreas Vasiliou, Hotel owner in Rovies, Evia, hosting refugees in the context of the SolidarityNow program “Home for Hope”   Rovies is my village, a small holiday resort in eastern Evia and I, the owner of a small hotel that has been converted into a home for refugee families from Syria. I have talked many times […]

Blue stories are happy stories!

For the protection of the most vulnerable refugee and migrant groups, special support centers –already known as “Blue Dots”- for children, women and families are being operated in more than 10 points across Greece to provide vital services, counselling and play in a single location. The BlueDot program is implemented by SolidarityNow, supported by UNICEF and funded […]


SolidarityNow, with the cooperation of the award-winning photojournalist George Moutafis, highlights and make known the people and their personal stories which derive from the current refugee crisis. “Listen to My Story” is the photo project that focuses on the everyday protagonists of this unprecedented European refugee / immigration phenomenon. “The basic needs of the people is a priority. Unfortunately, inequalities […]

“Is solidarity the answer to the humanitarian crisis? Yes, it is”

One of the first to welcome beneficiaries at the Athens Solidarity Center, expresses her involvement and feelings. by Vicky Anastasiou, Reception officer at the Athens Solidarity Center   Is solidarity the answer to the humanitarian crisis? Yes, it is; and at Athens Solidarity Center we turn solidarity into action, in a continuous effort to make […]

The story of Marzuq

“You are from Morocco; you cannot go to Europe, you should stay in Greece“. This was the answer to Marzuq’s efforts to find out how he could travel and live in Europe. Marzuq is 20 years old and he is from Morocco; he arrived to Greece, in Thessaloniki, together with his mother several months ago, […]