Mr. S. achieved what he thought was unachievable with the right support

by the Athens Solidarity Center of SolidarityNow One of the most interesting and challenging cases with which the social service team at the Athens Solidarity Center (ASC) had to deal with recently, was the one of a 68-year-old beneficiary from Greece with severe health problems. Mr. S used to work in various sectors to support […]

With a Little Help from the Athens Solidarity Center, Mr. A. found a job and made his first personal art exhibition!

by the Employability Service of the Athens Solidarity Center, SolidarityNow A 56-year-old art teacher, painter and sculptor from Greece, living in Athens, sought support from the Athens Solidarity Center’s employability service. Mr. A. has studied graphic arts and worked for many years as a private sector employee, an art teacher, and a freelance painter and […]

Students of the world learning about Western art and culture.

The students of the “Integration Learning Center” of SolidarityNow in Thessaloniki, which operates under the HELIOS* program, “shed light” on Western art. Nikolaos Dalampouras, teacher, writes about the initiative that turned students into teachers. Cultural lessons In these lessons, the aim was for the beneficiaries to get acquainted with the Western culture and civilization. This […]

Mother’s Day: 7 photographs, 7 mothers and 13 children who celebrate them.

Mother’s Day | May 8th, 2022 7 photos of 7 mothers and 13 children for Mother’s Day. At SolidarityNow we honor the Mother. The Mother from every part of the world. We present Madlin and Hezrin from Syria, Khaleqi and Nafesa from Afghanistan, Zahra from Iraq, Narmeen from Egypt and Yana from Ukraine. These seven […]

Shamila: “Music is like the sea. It is endless”.

International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022 “In ten years from now, I will be a cardiologist and I will work in a hospital in Europe, I will have solved my father’s heart problem and I will play the guitar at home to rest”, Shamila. 20-year-old Shamila answers our question about her future simply and […]

The magic of women through the eyes of their friends.

International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022 The Syrian Jamila came to Greece in 2019. Since 2021, she lives in the open accommodation structure for refugees in Drama with her four children. There, she is a beneficiary of the SolidarityNow “Female Friendly Space”* and participates in activities and discussions. Katerina lives in Drama; she is […]

My name is Fateme. My name is Parvin.

International Women’s Day | March 8th, 2022 My name is Fateme and I am from Iran. For me, the International Women’s Day is very confusing because all over the world one day is women’s day. I do not agree at all, all days should be days dedicated to the women. Women are very strong. They […]