September finds them all together in Tilos!

Three families of nineteen adults and children arrived at Tilos a few days ago in order to be hosted in the island’s Accommodation Centre. The Center is functioning by the Municipality of Tilos with the support of SolidarityNow, since the summer of 2015. The Mayor of the island, Ms Maria Kamma, describes the reception of […]

Let’s create a tolerant society

Dimitra Sarantopoulou, a sociologist in SolidarityNow’s refugee accommodation center in Porto Heli, talks about her experience – the experience of someone who tries to help and stand by to the people in need. Today, 350 refugees of Kurdish and Afgan origin, are hosted in the accommodation center of Porto Heli. A team with a common […]

Samir is flying to Europe!

Just a couple of days ago, Samir’s family left Greece for another European country, which, through the European Relocation Scheme, will become their new ‪home. But while they were here, they also had a home no less real and no less warm than the one they are about to build. Thanks to Lambros’ hospitality and […]

I want to take control over my life, L. from Nigeria, Athens Solidarity Center

L. from Nigeria is 37 years old and arrived in Greece three years ago because of religious persecution. Everyone in his family was Christian, but when his father converted to Islam, all the men of the family had to become Muslims otherwise they would risk death. L. and his six brothers were forced to flee […]

The two women from Syria

The summer that passed marked one of the most intense moments in the history of immigrants-refugees in the last years in Europe. The first entry point to Europe for the majority of people, who were forced to leave their home countries, was Greece and specifically On Lesvos Island one out of the innumerable refugees’ stories […]

The story of Asma

Everyone is smiling and ready to help you! Asma is a young, unemployed mother of a 3,5 year old child. She has managed to successfully complete a 2-year detox programme regarding alcoholism at KETHEA MOSAIC. For the last two months she has been at a rehabilitation stage. As a result of her new beginning, people […]

The story of Amin

Τhe photo on the wall, Amin and an extraordinary encounter The photo of a person with his hands wide open and stretched, as signs of both despair and expectation of a better future, is the one that someone can see, while entering the management office of SolidarityNow at the Athens Solidarity Centre. Until recently, for […]