The story of Nour

by Mohammad Nour Alahmad Almasto, actor, Syrian refugee – hosted temporarily in SolidarityNow accommodation structure This story was also published in K magazine of Kathimerini newspaper (1/1/2017) “An intense cold dark night, the dawn of a bad day; I was leaving, regretful, waving goodbye to my city in Syria; escaping from the resentment and nastiness […]

The story of Ghanim

In October 2016, Ghanim Hameed’s family was included in SolidarityNow’s program “Extended”; the family consists of Ghanim, his wife Shaymaa and their two children, the minor 16-year old Hazim and the 21-year-old Samar. Their origin is from Iraq and they had requested family reunification in Germany since their oldest and youngest sons are there. In […]

Welcome to our world, Haneen!

Welcome our small Haneen! Just these last few days, the family of Abdulamajid became a five member one. At the Accommodation & Housing SolidarityNow, and specifically in our structures at Sindos Thessaloniki, we welcomed our new member with great joy and enthusiasm. Haneen we wish you the best of luck in our world!

Wasim’s story: “I miss my father so much”

Wasim, 27, has a single room on the sixth floor of Theoxenia Hotel. In the afternoon, he blasts music from through speakers connected to his smartphone. He ran a shop in the Jbela neighborhood of Deir ez-Zur, Syria, where he programmed and sold remote keys for cars. He lived in a house with his grandfather […]

#WEAREFAMILY 04 – Eleftheria’s and Avin’s family

“They are children and they need a hug“, Eleftheria Delipaltidou, retired, mother of two A lovely morning in the area of Prochoma at Thessaloniki begins with this short but indicative greeting: –        Good morning, mom! –        Good morning, my baby! Then, they exchange the day’s first kisses and hugs and sit together around the table […]

Alaa: We feel that we live in our own home!

“Ask her whatever you want! She is Google!”;  with this incitement to address encyclopedic questions to his 8-year old daughter, we started our conversation with Alaa Touisan, 41 years old Iraqi refugee. But we hesitated at the beginning; Therefore, Alaa started asking: What is the capital of Indonesia? Jakarta When was, the Berlin demolished? In 1988 […]


“Until they find their own Ithaca, let’s open our hands and embrace them”, Georgia, retired from Thessaloniki, hosts the 12-member family from Syria. A beautiful story of solidarity and smooth coexistence among 13 people, unfolds in Thessaloniki. This story began when Georgia decided to open her paternal house for the 12-member family of Souliman from […]

Adel, the poet from Syria: “I decided to stay and live in Greece!”

A prospective economist and an amateur poet, Adel decided at his 18 years to change country and life refusing to accept war as his everyday life. His attitude is enclosed in the phrase “I was afraid because of the conditions, but at the same time, confident I would make it“; with no fear but full […]