The two women from Syria

The summer that passed marked one of the most intense moments in the history of immigrants-refugees in the last years in Europe. The first entry point to Europe for the majority of people, who were forced to leave their home countries, was Greece and specifically On Lesvos Island one out of the innumerable refugees’ stories […]

The story of Asma

Everyone is smiling and ready to help you! Asma is a young, unemployed mother of a 3,5 year old child. She has managed to successfully complete a 2-year detox programme regarding alcoholism at KETHEA MOSAIC. For the last two months she has been at a rehabilitation stage. As a result of her new beginning, people […]

The story of Amin

Τhe photo on the wall, Amin and an extraordinary encounter The photo of a person with his hands wide open and stretched, as signs of both despair and expectation of a better future, is the one that someone can see, while entering the management office of SolidarityNow at the Athens Solidarity Centre. Until recently, for […]

Stand with S. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

A mother of two young children became aware of the operation of the Athens Solidarity Centre, after visiting Social Solidarity Hub of the municipality of Athens at Palaio Frourarcheio across Larissa Station. Specifically, the mother seeking to get help as regards food provision, she was informed about the relevant to children and family support services […]

International Day of Refugees Every minute three people from Syria leave their homes in order to save their lives, the number of Syrian refugees rising to 2.5 million since the beginning of the war

This is the story of X, a refugee from Syria, in his own words: ‘Escaping the destruction and the endless bloodshed that has spread across Syria, we got lost looking for a European country that will accept us. The Arab nation is facing the problem with brutality and exploitation, in a cruel way, a way […]

Stand with Maria. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

Maria is a single parent, of a nine year old boy, who tries her best for the upbringing of her child, after being unemployed since the end of 2012. Having contacted PRAKSIS’ offices in Athens, a social worker visited her at home and estimated her situation. Thus, Maria has been able to receive financial support […]

When you’re in the forest you are in the hands of the Mafia

On Wednesday 13/5/14, 93 refugees, among them 18 minors, were trapped for almost 12 hours in a commercial train at Gevgelija (FYROM) with original destination Serbia. They were rescued after calling 112 and being detected by the officers of OSE (national railway organization) and Idomeni’s police officers. The Greek Police Department followed the process of […]