Stand with Konstantinos. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

Konstantinos is a middle-aged man, who has experienced the consequences of the economic crisis when it all started. While being a freelancer during the recession, Konstantinos came across a few financial problems with his business, having as a result to close it down. However, this might not be the worst thing happened, as six months […]

Stand with Nikos. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

Alcoholism is briefly considered as a disease that causes both physical and mental health problems leading thus to serious negative effects on the social behaviour of a person. Nikos is a young person, who used to be an alcoholic. At that time, his life was on the brink of being ruined. After a fight with […]

The only thing I need is a house to stay with my wife, says Ismael

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) dictates that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. However, this is not the case for people like Ismael. Ismael was forced to leave Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, after being persecuted by the police forces, on account of forming a […]

Stand with Mr. H. Stand with Greece. Stand with Europe.

The following story could be a representative sample of a well directed and presented documentary through the eyes of a person, who experienced the persecution and brutality of the government forces (Sudanese Armed Forces – SAF) in his try to defend his homeland and belongings. Specifically the man, who wishes to remain anonymous and thereinafter […]

They found a job…

In times of financial crisis and high unemployment rate, finding a job is a big personal success. The Employability project, implemented by Praksis, at Athens Solidarity Center, implements a concrete methodology assisting beneficiaries with integrating the labour market, through specialized counseling. Even if the project started providing services in December 2014, it has already produced […]

Thessaloniki: Supportive services

Almost from the beginning of the operation of the Center, the need of a service that will aim to inform Beneficiaries about issues relevant to public authorities became a necessity. Gradually, the service was developed. Providing just the information wasn’t enough, so we moved forward by providing assistance on procedures related to benefits/allowances claims etc. […]

A journey of a Syrian

M. is a 28 year old Syrian man, father of two boys. He is a victim of war, having lost his house from a bomb attack which also left his both legs amputated. After a long time of treatment and rehabilitation he got two artificial legs and took the decision to migrate with his family […]