Thessaloniki: Supportive services

Almost from the beginning of the operation of the Center, the need of a service that will aim to inform Beneficiaries about issues relevant to public authorities became a necessity. Gradually, the service was developed. Providing just the information wasn’t enough, so we moved forward by providing assistance on procedures related to benefits/allowances claims etc. […]

A journey of a Syrian

M. is a 28 year old Syrian man, father of two boys. He is a victim of war, having lost his house from a bomb attack which also left his both legs amputated. After a long time of treatment and rehabilitation he got two artificial legs and took the decision to migrate with his family […]

Solidarity Now Assistance Center Opens Up its Doors in Athens

ATHENS, …..  It is fifteen minutes past ten in the morning and the newly refurbished second floor of old Frourarchio building is getting seriously busy. The “Solidarity Center” set up here by organization “Solidarity Now”, at the heart of downtown Athens, made a low profile appearance last October while preparing for a full swing of […]