“My father taught me never to give up” “I like ancient Greek, because it is easy, and I can learn more about the language and speak better the modern Greek”, says the 15-year-old Ali from Pakistan, who goes to high school and speaks Greek fluently. We met Ali and his teacher, Kiki, one afternoon in […]

Portraits for the Pan-European Day against Human Trafficking

This year, Break the Chain, on the occasion of the Pan-European Day against Human Trafficking (October 18th) and for a month, with the collaboration of the National Anti-Trafficking Trader and with the support of SolidarityNow, is implementing an information campaign to raise awareness public with an emphasis on child exploitation and abuse. So, on the […]

#nailedit_”I believe my students can evolve and work on that particular subject”

Konstantina Ganotis, aesthetics trainer In the duration of spring, 15 beneficiaries of SolidarityNow from Syria, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan attended free manicure-pedicure seminars at the “Institute of Professional Development”, a vocational training center in Thessaloniki, which are part of the organization’s training program. “Manicure-pedicure has nothing to do with beauty and grooming; above all, it […]

Sayeed: a Rohingya in Athens

For those who don’t know, their name is synonymous with the word persecuted – for a Rohingya is his nation, the word that defines him; however, Sayeed Hussein says he cannot interpret it into something perceivable by others – a country, a mother tongue, tradition and customs. Sayeed describes Rohingya as people who over the […]

#iBelieveInMe | Mr. N._ “I would have gone crazy…”

Mr. N., beneficiary of the psychological counseling and psychotherapy service at the Athens Solidarity Center It’s afternoon on Tuesday 11 September 2018 and Mr. N. is about to attend one of his scheduled sessions with the psychologist at the Athens Solidarity Centre (ASC). In a few minutes, he will be informed that he has been granted […]

World Mental Health Day | October 10th

Psychological Support for All Psychological support is the most unappreciated service of the public health system in our country and elsewhere. As a result, most of the people do not have access to mental health services. In fact, those who get such support are only the ones who can afford to appeal to a private […]

#nailedit_Sana_”This diploma is my birthday present!”

Today Sana is very happy, not only because she received her certified diploma in the art of onyoplasty, but also because she is celebrating her 22nd birthday. During the small celebration organized by SolidarityNow’s Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki for those who successfully attended the manicure-pedicure seminar, Sana has come along with her mother, who […]

#nailedit_IBRAHIM_”I decided to develop my skills in this art in order to find a job and I do not care about other people’s opinions”

Today, SolidarityNow’s Blue Refugee Center (BRC) in Thessaloniki is in a festive mood. More specifically, the team has prepared a small celebration for our 15 beneficiaries who have successfully attended free pedicure-manicure seminars – part of the organization’s educational program. Among the graduates is the 28-year-old Ibrahim from Syria, who learned aesthetician techniques and methods […]