When we were told “Stay Home”, our thoughts and solidarity were with those who did not have a home; with the people who for us are not numbers, or “cases” to be deported, but they are women and men, girls and boys with names, origin and dreams for a life meant for people. When we […]

#OurHeroes: Myrto Prodromidou_Nothing in our Lives is a Given

The word that might best describe the situation we are experiencing is exclusion. Our daily lives and our sociability have changed, and that reminded us that nothing in our lives is a given. For refugees and asylum seekers, however, who have already experienced a complete change of their lives, the pandemic was nothing more than […]

#OUR HEROES: Marika Gavrielatou_Nok-Nok, the Children’s new Friend

I have always found change difficult, and especially when it’s unforeseen and catches you unprepared. That’s why when we were told that the educational lessons in the camp were temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus, I felt that I couldn’t do my job: being among children. After all, our presence in the camp is equivalent […]

#OURHEROES: Konstantinos Kasampalis_Dancing and Singing

The quarantine period was quite difficult for all of us. For me, not having classes and any contact with my students was an unprecedented condition as it was the first time I wouldn’t be able to meet them for a long time. I was constantly thinking about them and I was worried about how they […]

#OurHeroes: Katerina Stamelou_We all became Vulnerable, but also Stronger

During the first days of the announcement of the measures against Covid-19, I was in Athens for a seminar. It was the last time I was in another city. Since then, everything has changed. I think the scariest thing was the picture of people in masks and plastic gloves on the street. Like a scene […]

#OurHeroes: Evi Papagianni_Together, we Can Succeed Anything!

I remember one morning, being in the organization’s van and listening to the radio about the World Health Organization’s emergency meeting. I’ve heard for a new disease that seemed to be spreading rapidly and affecting more and more people. Back then, I discussed with my colleagues, our driver and cultural mediator, how bad the situation […]

#OURHEROES: Konstantinos Papadakis_Can I make a difference?

The COVID-19 period and the security measures we have adopted have changed the way we live and the way we have worked so far. The conditions have become even more difficult in areas that were under quarantine. One such area is the Malakasa Open Accommodation Center, one of the camps where SolidarityNow operates and currently […]