Battered Woman

Maria drops off her son at school and runs off to make the bus that takes her to her job. On her way there, she observes other women and she smiles. How amazing is the hair of some of these women! Some of them might become her clients, and they will in turn be happy, as are the women who have already trusted Maria for the care of their hair.

We see 34-year-old Maria from Athens, a working divorce. Her beloved son was the main motive in her decision to change her life and remove herself from an abusive environment. Maria shared many years of her life with her partner, who failed to provide her a sense of safety. The opposite took place. The erratic behavior of her partner and father of her child, was another repetition of abusive behavior that brought her into isolation.

But You Can’t See Her.

Because at SolidarityNow we supported Maria to re-integrate in society through educational and employability programs.

To date, we have done this with more than 300,000 people in need.

And we go on.