Spread the news, not the virus!

At SolidarityNow we have been following closely the developments regarding the covid-19 pandemic affecting the planet and our country, more specifically. We all recognize that these are challenging times for our beneficiaries, and for our colleagues working in the field helping others and especially the vulnerable. Through this page, we will share with you SolidarityNow’s initiatives that address the pandemic, developments, guidelines and other useful issues related to this crisis.


“SolidarityNow Rings a Bell!” is the New Educational Program that Invites Students to a Different Classroom!

In the midst of COVID-19, SolidarityNow launches a series of educational and entertainment podcasts and offers online courses Athens, April 29, 2020 In the time of COVID-19, SolidarityNow is steadily continuing its operations on the side of the most vulnerable groups and creating new, alternative educational tools to provide lessons to both adult refugees and […]

Living Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Αthanasia Papiggi, Student Group Coordinator STARTnow A few months ago, none of us would believe someone saying that we would be forced to stay home for a long time. We would say that all this is a bad joke. But COVID-19 changed our lives and the bad joke became reality. After the first shock, we […]

Unemployment protection measures in the middle of the pandemic

What measures have been taken so far to protect the unemployed? See all the information gathered for you by the Employability Service of the Athens  Solidarity Center and concern: Allowances Extension of deadlines Public benefit programs Electronic services of OAED OAED social tourism and camping programs Read the full document here

The Blue Refugee Center is now online

The Blue Refugee Center is now online! You are only one click away from being supported! Click on the link below and meet us. shorturl.at/aABP0    

The Chinese government and the Chinese Embassy in Greece donate 10,000 health masks to SolidarityNow to confront the pandemic.

The valuable sanitary material will be provided to support health workers, vulnerable Greek citizens and refugees in accommodation structures At this critical time for humanity due to the unprecedented pandemic of the coronavirus and its effects on the entire planet, SolidarityNow received today an important and generous donation by the Chinese government, provided by the […]

How to obtain an exit permit during the lockdown (13 languages)

SolidarityNow prepared for you a useful video with instructions on how to get out of the house during the lockdown. We are collaborating with NGO Metadrasi to translate this very useful video with simple instructions on how to obtain exit permit and get out of the house, in many other languages (Urdu, Bengali, Dari, Somali, […]