Inferences of the Open Discussion Europe in the Mirror: the French Elections and the “Extreme Right International”

This year Europe is coming face to face with her ghosts. Extreme right forces are seeking a leading role in several countries. The importance of the French election becomes crucial. In this context, SolidarityNow organized yesterday (27.03.2017) the open discussion entitled Europe in the Mirror: the French Elections and the “Extreme Right International”. Six distinguished […]

A Mobile Unit of the Hellenic Red Cross made a stop at the Athens Solidarity Center

Today, March 23rd, 2017, at the Athens Solidarity Center we had a happily different meeting; the President of the Hellenic Red Cross Dr. Antonios Avgerinos launched the action of the Mobile Unit, a total duration of three weeks. The Mobile Unit “Family Ties Rehabilitation» Tracing Bus Van concerns the provision of Family Rehabilitation Services Ties […]

Home for Hope and four awards

Four Ermis distinctions (1 Gold, 2 bronze and 1 silver) were awarded to SolidarityNow awareness campaign on our hospitality project HomeforHope which is implemented with the support of UNHCR GREECE. Four major awards for us and the advertising agency Soho Square Athens! The creative team was inspired by our work and they were very eager […]

George Soros: When Hate Surges

Article in The New York Times By GEORGE SOROS President Trump has wasted no time in cracking down on immigration. He pledged to build a wall, hire 15,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents and speedily deport millions of undocumented immigrants. He justified these actions by claiming that immigrants regularly flout the “rule of […]

One Year Stranded & What’s Changed? An Update – Joint Policy Note

With this update to the October 2016 Joint NGO Policy Brief on the Situation for Displaced Persons in Greece, the eight national and international responding agencies, present an overview of the current situation in the country, and set out the most urgent -according to the organisations- issues that need to be addressed, and the major […]

INVITATION TO PRESS CONFERENCE: One year after the EU-Turkey Deal for refugees and migrants

INVITATION TO PRESS CONFERENCE: One year after the EU-Turkey Deal for refugees and migrants Athens, March 9, 2017. One year after the EU-Turkey deal, a “non-deal” on which the General Court of the European Union recently ruled that it has no jurisdiction to examine, the status of reception and asylum in the EU borders is […]


More than 30 agencies, organizations, communities, movements and initiatives fighting for the environment, human rights and the elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence, are joining forces under the global initiative Break Free and its activities from 12 to 31 March. The aim of the alliance is to create a common front that will […]

The Blue Refugee Center on the side of refugees and migrants in Thessaloniki

SolidarityNow launches the Blue Refugee Center in Thessaloniki; this Center will operate as an information and assistance hub for all refugees and migrants, living permanently or residing temporarily, in Northern Greece. The new Center is part of the programs implemented by SolidarityNow in Northern Greece, in response to the urgent needs of the vulnerable populations […]