Over 50% of refugee-children in SolidarityNow programs are going to school!

“Education has no boundaries; education is not related to language and it is an inalienable human right. It is indeed a right of all children” *  Athens, September 28, 2017 Approximately 160 out of the 282 refugee children hosted today in the SolidarityNow Housing programs have been smoothly integrated into the education system and have […]

“Solidarity Homes” by SolidarityNow: SolidarityNow and Help Refugees partner in pioneering housing project for recognised refugee and local families threatened with street homelessness

One step closer to social integration and acceptance Athens, September 20th, 2017 In June 2017, SolidarityNow, in partnership with Help Refugees launched a pilot housing program for vulnerable population groups titled “Solidarity Homes”. The pilot offers accommodation to refugee families and actively promotes their integration to Greek society. It also supports vulnerable local families facing […]

Joint Press Release about the violent incidents in Moria, Lesvos

On 28 November 2016 due to the accident in Moria’s camp that took the  lives of two refugees, SolidarityNow and 22 other organizations made a joint statement about the living conditions and safety rules in the refugee camps around the country. We express our deepest concern in relation to the information, complaints and testimonies about […]

Solidarity has found its home!

Outcomes in Numbers: SolidarityNow achievements in Providing Accommodation to Asylum Seekers and Relocation Candidates  SolidarityNow is actively involved in addressing the issue of refugees’ and asylum seekers’ accommodation in our country, based on the principles of human dignity and respect, having provided hosting and accommodation to more than 4,400 people of concern -among them more […]

SolidarityNow: Annual Activity Report 2016

Τhe organisation’s actions and its commitment to support the vulnerable populations reflected in a detailed report  150.000 provided services at the Solidarity Centers – over 3.700 refugees/migrants have found shelter “Confronted with reality, SolidarityNow developed programmatically and operationally to simultaneously undertake directly implemented social service provision and humanitarian relief activities for those in need -refugees, […]

Lack of handover plans for the response in Greece puts asylum seekers at risk, NGOs warn

Humanitarian organisations welcome the transition to Greek Government management of all aspects of service provision for asylum seekers on the Greek islands and for unaccompanied children throughout Greece. However, as this transition begins, and the European Commission scales down support for humanitarian assistance currently provided by nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), there are growing concerns over the […]

“The Small Room with 101 Windows”

“Small Room”, is an artistic project inspired and based on the refugees’ journey from their warring countries to Europe. The first opening days of the exhibition were from May 28th to May 30th in Thessaloniki, where the initiator-activist Vassilis Tsartsanis, along with the Asklepeion Team, presented their work to the public. The exhibition was held […]

Safe Refugee and Proud!

On Saturday, June 10th and during the three-day period, June 14th to 17th, SolidarityNow participated in Athens and Thessaloniki Pride, respectively, on the side of the LGBTI population. The aim of the organization’s presence at the Festival was to stand by the LGBTI community and to present its own work on the protection and rights’ […]